Top 5 Activities in Surigao - Philippines

Although the long time residents have always known it, it is only now that the beauty and hidden marvels of Surigao are being uncovered by travelers from other parts of the world.

Take a Tour of Siargao Island

Just off the tip of the eastern shore of Surigao is Siargao Island, where wave surfers are heading to in droves.

The island commands an awesome view of the seascape and the surfing waves are among the very best in the world. In addition, Siargao Island is encompassed by a bevy of reefs and several beaches of pure white sand. Even if you are not into wave surfing, the scenery and the beaches will captivate you. There are also other islets in the vicinity making it a perfect place for island hopping as well.

Go into Buenavista Cave

Less than an hour away by boat from the mainland is Hikdop Island, where the famous Buenavista Cave is found.

The Buenavista Cave has been nicknamed the Kings Court because of the extraordinary rock configurations within, which bear the shape of a throne. Alongside the throne are several unusually shaped chambers, stalactites and stalagmites. About 300 feet from the main entry point you will come across the pool filled with water up to the knee.

Del Carmen Mangrove Swamp

Siargao Island is also the site of this beautiful mangrove forest, where an assortment of unique aquatic life forms and other vegetation abound.

The mangrove forest in Del Carmen is truly a sight to behold, as not only do you get to see several types of fish and shrubs and plants of various colors, but there are also water channels in between the trees, making for a truly remarkable visual experience. The sounds of chirping birds and the blowing wind will accompany you throughout the journey, adding to the ambience.

Watersport Activities off Guyam Island

Watersports are becoming increasingly popular with tourists and visitors to Surigao, and the best place to do it is at Guyam Island near General Luna Beach.

From General Luna it will take less than 10 minutes to reach Guyam. What becomes obvious immediately is that the waves around the island are very suitable for a variety of sports activities like parasailing and surfing. Equally beautiful are its beaches, with white sands in profusion and coconut trees all around.

Magpupungko Rock Formation

Found in Pilar, the Magpupungko Rock Formation offers another fascinating glimpse into how nature uses rocks and landscapes to perform works of art at par with a master sculptor.

The striking rock configurations, which resemble basins, pots and barrels, can be found on the walls and limestone flooring. Facing as it does the winds and waters of the Pacific, one gets a feeling of peacefulness and tranquility.

Surigao has many other places of interest and as you explore this fascinating island more mesmerizing sights and sounds will manifest themselves.