Top 5 Activities in Manila - Philippines

The City of Manila is the busting capital of the Philippines. It is both historical and modern, with the old remnants of historical Manila living side by side with the modern skyscrapers and bright lights. The metropolis is a pulsing melting pot of Asian-European culture, modern and colonial architecture, and business and leisure. In Manila, there is never an idle moment. Anyone can always find something to do. Of course, a trip to the Philippine Archipelago will never be complete with stopping by the famous city. To get you started, we have listed below the Top 5 Activities in Manila-Philippines.

Take a Guided Tour of Intramuros

Intramuros or within the walls is a walled city built in 1571 by the Spaniards during the 333 years of colonization. The city was built to accommodate the Spanish and mestizos citizens of Manila. It was the center of religious, political and military power of the European colonizers. Within the walls are churches, garrisons, government buildings and houses where important Spanish citizens can be protected from Muslim, Filipino and Chinese rebels. A guided walking tour is an excellent introduction not only to Intramuros, but to the entire Manila, which makes one of our Top 5 Activities in Manila. Expert tour guides can share brief stories of historical events, legends, folklore and even gossips, making your guided tour more intimate and entertaining.

Retrace Jose Rizals Last Steps at Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago is a defensive fort within Intramuros. It is located at the mouth of Pasig River, at the former site of Rajah Sulaymans kingdom, an Islamic chieftain defeated by the Spaniards. It was constructed at 1571 and finished at 1592. Being in Fort Santiago is like being transported to old Manila, which makes Fort Santiago a deserves to be in our Top 5 Activities in Manila-Philippines. The main feature of Fort Santiago is the dungeon where the national hero, Jose Rizal was imprisoned before his execution. Embedded within the ground are the footsteps of Jose Rizal, tracing his last walk towards his execution site at Bagumbayan or Rizal Park.

Take a Stroll at Rizal Park

Rizal Park was formerly known as Bagumbayan or Luneta Park. It is a leisure park for families, friends and lovers where one can walk among trees or stroll along the shores of Manila Bay. In Old Manila, it was an execution ground for rebels and mutineers. It was also the site of the execution of Jose Rizal, for whom the park was eventually dedicated.

Shop at Mall of Asia

Any trip will not be complete without shopping for bargains and souvenirs. The Mall of Asia, the 2nd largest mall in the Philippines and the fourth largest in the world offers the ultimate shopping experience. The mall has stores and boutiques ranging from local to international brands. It boasts of an IMAX theater, the first in the country, an Olympic size ice skating rink and Science Discovery Center.

Party at Malate and Ermita

Last stops in our Top 5 Activities in Manila-Philippines are Malate and Ermita. These districts come alive after dark, with bars, restaurants and clubs. There is a place for everybody in Malate and Ermita, there are clubs for partygoers, lounges and bars for singles and arts and fashion cafes for the artists. For a different shopping experience there are antique stores and specialty shops of native handicrafts.