Top 5 Activities in Dumaguete - Philippines

If just relaxing and tanning at the beach does not do it for you anymore and if you are hungry for exciting activities in Dumaguete, then you are on the right article. We are going to present you with the top 5 activities in Dumaguete Philippines so that you wont be starving for more and so that you can enjoy your stay in Dumaguete the best way possible.

Discover, Dive and See

The best activity that you could get yourself into is scuba diving and that is why it is one of the top 5 activities in Dumaguete Philippines. Diving is almost a local sport in Dumaguete and there are many dive sites around Negros that you can venture into. Get yourself a guide at Adventure Dive located at the Rizal Boulevard for example or if you want a bigger variety then join the Pura Vida Sea Explorers dive safaris.

Ghost Hunting

Although this activity may seem a little weird, but just a few people know that Dumaguete is a city full of haunted houses and haunted places which will scare you out of your skin. If you want a little adrenalin rush, then ghost hunting should definitely be in your Dumaguete itinerary and that is also why it is on the top 5 activities in Dumaguete. The best spots are the hunted houses near the airport and the campus of Silliman University at night, since it has been occupied by Japanese people and many people have died on that campus during the World War II.

Go Out and Dance

Dancing seems like the most popular way of exercising in Dumaguete. The top 5 activities in Dumaguete Philippines includes dancing because there are several dance schools, dance troupes and social dancing activities in Dumaguete City. Go do the Cha-Cha or the Rumba at Honeycombs where you can even learn how to dance Latin American with your favorite dance instructor. Try yourself at break dancing with the local hip hop crews, or try yourself at ballet down at the MEV dance studio at the EJ Blanco Drive or the Dance Avenue dance theatre which can be found in Bandera building.

Soaking up Nature

One of the top 5 activities in Dumaguete Philippines is to marvel at the nature and explore it. You can just take a hike to the nearest forest or you can go to a place called Forest Camp which is a little camp where fresh ice cold water runs through. You can also visit the plantations in Valencia which is ten minutes from Dumaguete, where you will find all kinds of fruits and vegetables growing.

Resort Exploring

Dumaguete and its outside municipalities have great beach resorts that are worth a visit. Try the South Sea Beach resort right at Silliman Beach Dumaguete or visit the Bahura Beach Resort located around 20 minutes away from downtown Dumaguete. You can discover the ocean with jet-skis, banana boats and wind surfing that you can all rent at Bahura. Discover the relaxing spa at the El Dorado Beach Resort which is also 20 minutes away from downtown Dumaguete or simply lie back and enjoy the pools and view at St. Monica Beach Resort. Resorts go on the top 5 activities in Dumaguete Philippines since they offer an array of activities within Dumaguete and outside of Dumaguete.

This concludes the list of the top 5 activities in Dumaguete Philippines and at least by now you should know which activity you are going to opt for.