Top 5 Activities in Dipolog - Philippines

Most people will associate Dipolog with white sand beaches but there are several other sites you may visit which will lead to more exciting activities.

Plunge into the Various Dive Centers

Dipolog offers an assortment of diving sites and centers, so those who love to explore the wonders beneath the sea will have several places to go to.

For new divers the Gardens and Liuay Rock are very popular, as you do not need dive in deep before you see the coral reefs in all their glory. There are also several types of soldier fish and sweepers swimming around. Other dive centers are Cesars Reef, where a sunken ship some 200 ft below the surface has become a sanctuary for coral reefs and other fish.

Sinulog sa Dipolog Festival

The Sinulog sa Dipolog is a festival held every January (in the third week of the month), and shows the way that Christianity and the local traditions and practices have been kept alive.

The Sinulog sa Dipolog Festival is actually a commemoration of the time that the local tribes and inhabitants turned away from their pagan beliefs and converted to Christianity. Throughout the day there is continuous dancing in the streets, but the highlight is the procession of the Santo Nino, during which the Sinulog dance takes place to the beat of drums.

Walk the Steps up Linabo Peak

One of the most interesting, if challenging, activities you can do in Dipolog is to climb the 3,003 steps up Linabo Peak.

Although the ascent can be tiring, the excursion to the top will be worth it once you get to see the view from above; the plains, azure waters and the glorious skies will take your breath away more than the trek itself. It is also at this place where the Kakat Sakripisyo takes place. The Kakat Sakripisyo is a religious event and the locals perform the ceremonies here.

Cogon Eco Park

The Cogon Eco Park is the most famous park and natural reserve in Dipolog, and quite deservedly so.

One of the most popular attractions here are the wide array of trees on display. Here you can learn to distinguish the different types including Mahogany, Acacia, Rattan and many others. There are also numerous species of birds in the Cogon Eco Park, and it is also a perfect place for campers. You can also spend your time watching out for different types of wild animals.

Bathe in Sungkilaw Falls

In the mood for a little bathing and swimming Then head over to Barangay Diwan and straight to Sungkilaw Falls, one of the most strikingly beautiful in Dipolog.

The waters from Sungkilaw Falls come directly from the mountains, ensuring their freshness and purity. As you relax and cool down, you will also get to relish the captivating scenery around you.

The sheer variety and fascinating nature of the top 5 activities in Dipolog have been the main reason why the city has become such a strong tourist attraction, and it wont be long before you too are drawn in by its charms.