Top 5 Activities in Davao - Philippines

If you want one vacation venue where you can experience different things all at once, the answer is simple: Davao.

Davao is known for its sunshine, friendly people, appetizing local cuisine, natural wonders and rich culture. The city proper boasts of uptodate facilities in a setting that is free from crime, not congested with people, and conducive for peeling stress away. The top 5 activities in Davao Philippines highlight all the mustsees and mustdos in the province that has a smalltown vibe but a worldclass appeal.

Tourists visit Davao all year round because there is never a lack of adventures. Try the top 5 activities in Davao Philippines and find out why visitors keep coming back.

Indulging in Delicious Food

A vacation in Davao is not complete without the ultimate foodtrip Indulging in delicious food is among the top 5 activities in Davao Philippines. The local cuisine is a mix of seafood and meat dishes, all savory and served generously. Two of the musttry gastronomic delights are the char broiled tuna jaw and tuna tail. When it comes to fruits, the everfamous durian and mangosteen are bestsellers. If you do not like the taste of the actual fruits, you can opt for durian and mangosteen candies.

Davao, also known as the Philippines Sashimi Capital, has a multitude of specialty restaurants that offer assorted Asian and European dishes. Fast food chains are also available for that quick fix of burger, French fries and spaghetti. With all these options, you will never be hungry in the city.

Joining Nature and City Getaways

Next in the top 5 activities in Davao Philippines is joining nature and city getaways.

Fall in love with Mother Natures gifts to Davao as you explore them. Join a thrilling trek to Mount Apo or follow the jungle trails in Marilog. Meet and greet raptors at the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos or the bats in the Bat Sanctuary on Samal Island. If you fancy resorts and water sports, Davaos beaches will be paradise for you. Davao Gulf is a popular venue for water sports like windsurfing and kayaking.

Davaos city proper features budget and upscale accommodations, fitness and wellness gyms, and beauty centers. If you like the nightlife, explore Davaos cafes, restaurants, clubs and bars to get fullblast entertainment.

Immersing in the Rich Culture

Spend some time watching traditional celebrations and festivals. Feast your senses on colorful parades, indigenous dance performances, and street parties and learn much about the culture of Davao and Mindanao. One of the most famous festivals is the highly anticipated Kadayawan sa Dabaw, a celebration of thanks for life and its wonders. Immersing in the rich culture is among the top 5 activities in Davao Philippines.

Mingling with the Locals

Among the top 5 activities in Davao Philippines is mingling with the friendly locals. Davaoeos are naturally accommodating and pleasant. People rarely argue or fight and crime in Davao is not rampant. Strike up conversations with locals and who knows, you just might have more reasons to return.

Shopping on a Shoestring

Shopping in Davao, which concludes this list of the top 5 activities in Davao Philippines, is a wellloved activity by both shoestring and extravagant shoppers. Davao has many good shops that offer cheap yet quality finds. Drop by Aldevinco Shopping Center, a onestop shop for all sorts of Davao products.