Top 5 Activities in Baguio - Philippines

There is much to do in calm, cool Baguio. This city amidst pine trees is a great destination for travelers wanting to depart from busy schedules, harried lifestyles and warm lowlands. Baguios landmarks, quaint eateries, beautiful nature trails and rich cultural heritage are reasons enough to stay awhile and immerse in the highlands.

Head over to Baguio and leave your worries behind. The top 5 activities in Baguio Philippines will definitely make your vacation worth your time, money and effort.

Exploring Nature Trails on Horseback

Commune with nature and enjoy the perks of not having to worry about time by exploring Baguios nature trails. This is best done on horseback, so go to Wright Park and choose a fourlegged friend from the stationed horses. Horseback riding is popular in Baguio that is why it is common to see Wright Park and the nature trails filled with people during high season. The nature trails close to the park are easy to pass through, very peaceful and nice to look at. Many parents explore the trails on horseback to bond with their children.

Visiting the Baguio Cathedral

For solitary escapes and quiet moments, go to Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. This is popularly known as the Baguio Cathderal and visiting it is among the top 5 activities in Baguio Philippines. This sacred place is a sanctuary for people wanting to connect with their faith and clear their minds. The Baguio Cathedral is atop Mount Mary Hill and provides a good view of the city. It is an excellent location for sharing unhurried moments with people who are special to you.

Eating at Café by the Ruins

Café by the Ruins in front of Baguio City Hall on Chuntug Street has a nostalgic aura that captivates all sorts of tourists. Eating in this openair café is among the top 5 activities in Baguio Philippines.

Café by the Ruins is surrounded by bamboo walls and wooden furniture. Perfect for romantic dates, bonding moments with buddies, and reunions with longlost friends, it offers a range of gastronomic delights that will make you want to visit again. The sumptuous meals, delicious desserts, and yummy beverages are pricier than your average food and drinks, but you can count on them to be worth every penny.

Spending Time in Tamawan Village

Tamawan Village features Cordillera Huts built along a hillside that offers a stunning view of the South China Sea on a clear day. Trips to the village aim to enlighten tourists about the rich cultural heritage of the Cordillera people. Tamawan Village hosts art exhibits and cultural activities that will pique the interests of art and culture aficionados.

Climbing the Lourdes Grotto

Climbing the Lourdes Grotto wraps up this list of the top 5 activities in Baguio Philippines. Located on a high hill in the western part of Baguio, the Lourdes Grotto is one of the best places for meditation in the city. You can forego the many steps that lead to the shrine by driving up a road that leads to the same spot. But you will miss out on the exciting albeit tiring experience of walking up and down the steps.