Top 5 Activities in Bacolod - Philippines

The great thing about Bacolod is that the tourist spots and attractions are varied, and as such provide you with plenty of things to do. Next time you are in the City of Smiles, dont forget to try these out.

Masskara Festival

The Philippines is known as fiesta island, but the Masskara Festival, held every October, is the most well known in Bacolod, if not the country. Masskara means many faces and it refers to the masks that are worn by the participants during the event. The fiesta is characterized by music, great food and plenty of dancing and street partying.

Make a Trek up Patag Valley

In between Mount Silay and Mount Marapara is Patag Valley, the destination of trekkers in the province.

If you love a challenging trek, this is for you, as Patag Valley goes up some 650 ft above the sea level. Making the ascent you will be accompanied by ruggedly handsome rock formations, the softly blowing wind and some unique animals, such as the spotted deer.

Panaad sa Negros Festival

On the 30th of April, the people of Negros gather for the Panaad sa Negros Festival, the biggest in Negros.

The festivities take place in Panaad Stadium and aside from dancing and singing, there are also booths and stands that represent every city in Negros where various items related to their culture are displayed and sold. There are also several delicacies you can buy, from the famous inasal to calamari (fried squid), to various fish recipes.

Visit the Church of Talisay

Cathedrals and religious shrines can be found in several places in Bacolod but few are as historically significant as the Church of Talisay.

The religious center was constructed in the mid 1800s, and through the years it has been utilized as a repository of various religious images and relics. The church is also the place where renowned historical figures are buried including General Aniceto Lacson. It is of course, a sanctuary for devotees.

Head up to Mount Kanlaon

One of the most famous mountains in the Philippines, Mount Kanlaon is the mountaineers choice in Negros.

The vista at the top is amazing, the landscape and the skies in full view. The way up however, is equally scenic as you get to pas by rugged valleys and hills. In addition there are several beautiful waterfalls and lakes in the vicinity that you can visit. Also in the area is the renowned Mambukal Resort, where first class accommodations and amenities are available. Being only 30 km away from the capital, it is within easy reach.

These top 5 activities in Bacolod are the main reason why in spite of all the tourist spots in the Philippines, the City of Smiles remains one of the most visited.