Reasons to Visit Angeles City - Philippines

Angeles City is a world metropolis and one of Philippines most important economic centers and cultural centers. Angeles has a lot to offer to the travelling tourist as well as to the expat who is looking for work in the Philippines. Discover the top 5 reasons to visit Angeles City Philippines and get to know attractions that you never knew of.

Home of Pig Ears

Angeles City is home to a special Filipino dish that is loved by young and old alike and this Filipino dish deserves a place in the top 5 reasons to visit Angeles City Philippines list because of its special ingredient; pig ears. The locals call this dish Sisig and there is an annual Sisig festival that is being celebrated with tons of all-you-can-eat Sisig buffets.

Love the Nightlife

The nightlife in Angeles City is already known in the entire country and thus should be on the top 5 reasons to visit Angeles City Philippines. Whether to have a night out with your buddies, your family or alone, Angeles nightlife has the right place for you to go to. You can get frisky with the exotic dancers in several bars, of have a family night out in themed bars and restaurants.

The Passion Plays

Every Easter season something rather unbelievable happens in Angeles City which is reason enough to be placed on the list of the top 5 reasons to visit Angeles City Philippines. This spectacular event is the passion play that happens every holy week and the culmination happens on Good Friday, where flagellants are being nailed on the cross just like Jesus. The nailing and the self-flagellation are all authentic and they are being nailed without any anesthesia. They stay on the cross for as long as they can handle it, and they will be removed as soon as they give a signal. This Easter spectacle is one you will not so soon forget.

The Active Volcano

The Mt. Pinatubo is one reason of the top 5 reasons to visit Angeles City Philippines. This volcano is still an active stratovolcano that last erupted in the 1990s and devastated thousands of citizen and even ethnic tribes and minorities. The Mt. Pinatubo can be reached from Angeles City via a trekking route which will take you all the way up to the crater and back down, past little conservation areas for special flora and fauna typical to volcanic regions. The thrill itself of mounting an active volcano that could erupt any time is already enough for an adventurer.

Balloons, Planes and Helicopters

The Hot Air Balloon Festival is an annual event scheduled every February which truly deserves a spot on the top 5 reasons to visit Angeles City Philippines. This is the only time of the year where national and international exhibitions come together to create this festival that is stretched out to two days up to a week. You will be able to witness hot air balloons from all over the world rise into the air and if you are early enough, you will be able to be one of the lucky people to get a ride in one of the hot air balloons. Flight and aviation exhibitions can also be seen during this event.




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