Tourist Spots in Zamboanga - Philippines

Being a city where the legacy of Spanish colonization and Muslim tradition mix freely, it is no wonder Zamboanga is home to numerous tourist spot that reflect the cultural legacy of the citys colorful history. Given the countless tourist spots that one can visit, here is a condensed list of the five best sights and sounds that one must experience when visiting Asias one and only Latin City. Five may be quite limited but they are the perfect destination that will perfectly represent the spirit of the city for those that do not have enough time to scour the rest of Zamboanga.

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

The tourist spot is a cathedral founded on 1810, first as a humble parish and then it went on to expand and become the seat of the citys Roman Archdiocese. One does not need any reason to visit the cathedral if one is a devout Catholic. For those tourists that are very much secular however, the cathedral is one of the most modern in Mindanao in terms of design, a fact that will surely stimulate the interest of tourists that are into architecture.

Sta. Cruz Islands

Zamboangas tourist spots are not exactly known for their beaches which makes it surprising to know that the city has beaches that can rival that of the other provinces in the country. The Sta. Cruz islands actually have two beaches. The other one has the more unusually pink-colored sands and sand bar while the other, smaller beach has the white, powder-like sands like those in Boracay. Apart from the beaches, the islands also feature a lagoon, a diving site, and a Muslim burial site.

Cawa-Cawa Boulevard

This touris spot is not entirely unlike Manilas Roxas Boulevard as Cawa-Cawa Boulevard also has lots of folks hanging out especially when the sun is about to set. Though less lively than the Baywalk of the countrys capital due to the lack if establishments within the vicinity of Cawa-Cawa, sitting by the sea and watching the sunset while enjoying a balut or two in the citys own bay walk is nonetheless a very fulfilling thing to do.

Pasonanca Park

This tourist spot is in number two because it is the only park of its kind in the whole country. The park was constructed in the initial years of the American Occupation, in 1912. It is unique because within it flows a stream and some flora and fauna numbering in the thousands. The huge abundance in plants and wildlife can be traced back to its construction when American officials even hired an American parks man to direct the creation of the park, the only one of its kind in the whole country.

Fort Del Pilar

Fort Del Pilar is number one in the list becaue it embodies the rich history of the city of Zamboanga. Founded as a garrison for Spanish forces in 1635, it has become a symbol of the Iberian heritage of the city. It is now housing the citys museum that features colorful history of Zamboanga as foremost of Spains cities in the orient.

These tourist spots are not the end-all, be-all of Zamboanga though as they are only a list for those who are on a tight budget and schedule but still want to have a glimpse of the whole of Asias Latin City.