Tourist Spots in Tacloban - Philippines

Balyuan Tower

One of the historical tourist attractions in Tacloban City, Balyuan Tower attracts many tourists and local residents because of its historic value. According to some historians, early people in the city, use Balyuan Tower as a lighthouse so all of the residents will be warned of dangers and threats. At present, residents and officials in the city use this place to hold special gatherings or celebrations that feature attractive and interesting cultural presentations and spots events since Balyuan Tower has a state-of-the-art and well-maintained amphitheater.

Phil-Japanese Peace Commemorative Monument and Par

Even if this place is not as beautiful and attractive as other sites in the city, many foreigners and tourists show interest in seeing this monument for it commemorates the efforts of Filipino soldiers, as well as Japanese military people who gave their lives to attain the mission of their own countries to win in the Second World War. Aside from this reason, some people also visit the place to relax and have a good view of Cancabato Bay.

Price Mansion

Presently identified as the Tacloban office of College Assurance Plan, Price Mansion is another historic place in the city that tourists can have a look. Even if it serves as the office of a private company, CAP maintains its original architecture and structure. What makes this place interesting is its historic value since it became the headquarters of the subordinates of the popular General Douglas Macrthur during the Second World War. In addition, Price Mansion also served as the office of the Philippine government after the war.

Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum

Found along Real Street in Tacloban City, Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum served as one of the vacation houses of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Inside the premises of the museum, people can find a well-maintained and Olympic-sized swimming pool. Additionally, this tourist attraction features images of 14 Stations of the Cross, which makes it attractive to devotees and religious leaders. Above all, the place features world-class paintings and masterpieces of Philippine artist Fernando Amorsolo.

Stations of the Cross

Near Calvary Hill in Tacloban City, travelers and vacationers can find the popular Stations of the Cross. This place amuses many devotees and tourists in the city for it features statues portraying the various stations of the cross, which depict scenarios like the condemnation of Jesus Christ, as well as the entombment of the Savior. As tourists reach the top of the hill, they can have quiet and serene moments for they can see the statue of the Sacred Heart. Other Bible characters were depicted in the statues, which make the spot more attractive to devotees from the other parts of the Philippines.