Tourist Spots in Subic - Philippines

Subic Bay Ocean Adventure

A very attractive, interesting, and famous tourist spots in Bicol Philippines, Subic Bay Ocean Adventure is located at Camayan Wharf, within West Ilanin Forest Area in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Most tourists enjoy visiting this place for it offers several attractions like Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show, as well as Dolphin and Friends Show. Additionally, the place features a Sea Lion Training Center, Ocean Discovery Aquarium, and Wildlife In Need Rescue Center. Furthermore, Subic Bay Ocean Adventure offers diving programs for novices and skilled divers who want to improve their understanding on Shipwreck Dives, and Marinelife Dives.

Zoobic Safari

Another tourist spot situated within Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zoobic Safari plays home to numerous wildlife such as tigers. For as low as 295 pesos, people can already have a tour inside the attractive premises of the zoo. The tour begins at its Petting Zoo where travelers can find different animals including monkeys, deer, and bearcats. After seeing the Petting Zoo, guests will proceed to Zoobic Sepentarium where they can see various reptiles such as pythons, lizards, and turtles. The highlights of the tour in the place are Tiger Close Encounter, and Zoobic Savannah, where they can see wild boars, tigers, and ostriches.

Jungle Joes World

Jungle Joes World Subic Bay is also found inside Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Some of the attractions in the place that guests can see are Jungle Joes Playhouse Theater, Jurassic Trails, and Kiddie Playzone. In addition, people can also relax in its Nature Spa, and enjoy bike riding as well as roller racing. After enjoying in this place, guests can stop by in its souvenir shop.

Jungle Environmental Survival Training Camp

Jungle Environmental Survival Training Camp attracts many people who are adventurous and who are in search for unique and exciting activity in the place. In this place, people can learn the basics in environmental survival such as fire making, how to get drinking water in the forest. This activity also allows tourists and local residents to have a look at several endangered species that were being taken care of in the training camp.

Triboa Bay Mangrove Park

When visiting Triboa Bay Mangrove Park, people can expect to see two different kinds of ecosystems, which are forest ecosystem, and marine ecosystem. Since there are two types of eco systems in the park, tourists can see diverse biological species. Additionally, this park features tannin compounds, which they can derive from tree barks that can be seen inside the mangrove forest. When visiting this place, people have nothing to worry for the entrance fees are affordable; 50 pesos for adults, and 30 pesos for children.