Tourist Spots in Sorsogon - Philippines

Rizal Beach

For vacationers and travelers who are in search for exciting, relaxing, and enjoyable outdoor activities in Bicol, they can always visit the famous Rizal Beach in Sorsogon. Located at Barangay Rizal in Gubat, Rizal Beach attracts many tourists in the place for it is situated in a serene and quiet area of the province. Aside from the free entrance to the beach, people have nothing to worry about spending too much money in the place for they can rent cottages for only 500 pesos per day. Meanwhile, for those who want to stay at the beach for several days they can check in at hotels and resorts nearby such as Vera Maris and Duana Resort.

Bulusan Lake

Hailed by many tourists and travelers as the Switzerland of the Orient, Bulusan Lake can be found at the heart of the popular and well-maintained Bulusan National Park. Around the lake, people can relax and have quality time with their loved ones for it still maintain its pristine look. Additionally, tourists can also admire the beauty of this 3,672-hectare lake by doing several activities like boating. The lake is accessible to various forms of transportation available in Sorsogon, which makes it more luring to everyone.

Mount Bulusan

Mount Bulusan plays home to several towns of the province, namely Irosin, Casiguran, Juban, and Bulusan. With its majestic look and captivating height, this mountain surely gets the attention of every tourist in the place. In addition, people can find different plant species in the mountain such as vines, giant ferns, shrubs, as well as rare orchids. Situated within Bulusan National Park, even those who are new to the province can easily locate and reach Mount Bulusan.

Barcelona Church

Also known as Saint Josephs Church, Barcelona Church is found between two villages, namely Layog and Gubat, within the municipality of Barcelona in Sorsogon. The structure of this church shows the usual styles of Catholic churches that were established during the Spanish period. Some of the materials that are used in the construction of stone structures of Barcelona Church are native coconut wine, lime, as well as mixtures of egg whites and tuba.

Irosin Church

Situated on the top of one of the famous hills in the province, Irosin Church never fails to attract tourists and vacationers in Sorsogon. Many local residents like to visit the church since it provides a relaxing view of the beautiful and majestic Mount Bulusan. Because it is located at the center of Irosin, people will not have a hard time locating the place. One of the main attractions of the antique and historic Irosin Church is its stairway that is consisted of at least one hundred steps.