Tourist Spots in Puerto Galera - Philippines

White Beach

Popular for the stylish hotels and cozy bars that it features, White Beach takes a spot in the top 5 tourist spots in Puerto Galera Philippines. Throughout the year, many vacationers and tourists prefer to stay in this beach for it offers relaxing and exciting activities to everyone. Aside from hotels, restaurants, and bars, some establishments that people can find attractive are the dive centers, which offer affordable diving lessons to everyone. Additionally, tourists can always have a wonderful and memorable stay in this place by doing outdoor activities like snorkeling, trekking, and kayaking.

Sabang Beach

Another famous beach in Puerto Galera that tourists can visit is Sabang Beach. Like White Beach, Sabang Beach also plays home to numerous elegant hospitality service providers such as Mermaid Resort. This place is inviting to those who like to party and have a wonderful nightlife since it features several bars and clubs where they can unwind and relax. Meanwhile, for people who like to improve their diving skills, they can also enroll in beginners as well as professional diving courses offered by popular dive centers at the beach.

Tamaraw Falls

Aside from beaches, Puerto Galera also takes pride in attractive falls, which include the beautiful Tamaraw Falls. This place is very popular and attractive to hikers and trekkers, since they need to hike up to reach the inviting forest surrounding the falls. Aside from different plant species that hikers can see at the forest, they can also take a dip and be refreshed in a creek several minutes away from the falls. However, to ensure safety in visiting this place, travelers are encouraged to make arrangements with travel guides in the island.

Excavation Museum

One of the inviting and interesting places in Puerto Galera to visit, Excavation Museum is known for the archaeological artifacts that it features. Inside the museum, people can find evidences supporting the existence of Ming Dynasty centuries ago. Some of the valuable relics that guests can see within the premises of Excavation Museum are Chinese jars, ancient swords, as well as old vessels. Additionally, the museum features artifacts recovered from sunken ships.

Mangyan Village

A historical place in the island of Puerto Galera where tourists can meet some of the descendants of early residents in the place, Mangyan Village plays home to several indigenous families in the province of Mindoro. In this village, tourists can learn how Mangyans sustain their everyday needs. By seeing them digging gold and mining, travelers can surely value the heritage and culture of these aborigines. Aside from interacting with Mangyans, tourists can also do exciting activities in this village such as mountain climbing, trekking, and hiking. Furthermore, it is the place to visit if they want to have an attractive view of the province of Batangas.