Tourist Spots in Makati - Philippines

Here are the top 5 tourist spots in Makati, Philippines visiting families should prioritize in their trip

The Ayala Museum

Located amid bustling modernity is this contemporary building housing artifacts and amazing displays that highlight vital events in Philippine history. The main feature is the detailed diorama depicting Philippine society and politics from primitive to modern times. There are also fascinating models of pre-Spanish marine vessels and galleons, native clothes and accessories, paintings, murals, and carvings. There is a museum souvenir shop and café. The museum is just at the corner of Makati Avenue and Dela Rosa Street.

The Makati Museum

Located at the corner of JP Rizal and A. Mabini Streets in Makati, it preserves and restores artifacts found in and historical records on the city of Makati. The museum also features regional cultures in the country. The building itself, archaic in design, has been used for many years as the town hall, administration office, a library, and then a hospital. In 1990, the city started using it as a museum. See old porcelain utensils, cups, books, flat iron, and even animal teeth said to date back from prehistoric Makati.

Philippine Army Museum

Want to experience an actual military tunnel with numerous exits or escape routes? How about real artillery and ammunitions, antique and modern, as well as medals, murals, and even subversive documents captured from Philippine insurgencies? Then check this museum out. Its located along McArthur Drive in Fort Bonifacio. Visiting families for an educational trip will enjoy the museum library and the relief carving depicting the Philippine army since the Commonwealth times.

Sanctuario de San Antonio

Going back to Makati proper from Fort Bonifacio, tourists may drop by this church built by Franciscan missionaries just after World War II. The original Sanctuario in Intramuros was destroyed during the war. Located along Mckinley Road in the posh Forbes Park subdivision on the east side of Makati, the church has been the site of family religious gatherings and events like baptisms and weddings, especially of the wealthy and influential.

Makati Malls (Ayala Center)

When visiting Makatis past is done, its time to enjoy its modern present. Tourists need not go far and wide. They just have to roam around the Ayala Center to see the major malls: Glorietta, SM Makati, Landmark, Greenbelt, Rustans, and other classy shops in the place. The malls house various shops and stylish stores, first-class restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, theaters, food plazas, amusements, clothing and accessory stores, furniture, offices, and more. Ayala Center is also surrounded by towering world-class hotels and office buildings.

For a more rewarding tour of Makati, make sure to visit the top 5 tourist spots in Makati, Philippines first before sightseeing other places.