Tourist Spots in Leyte - Philippines

The San Juanico Bridge

One of the world-class, interesting, and beautiful destinations in the southern region of the Philippines, San Juanico Bridge takes a position in the top 5 tourist spots in Leyte Philippines. Because of the attractiveness of the bridge, the provincial government annually allot budget for the maintenance of San Juanico Bridge. Because of this, travelers and tourists who will pass through the bridge can have a closer view on various marine species present in San Juanico Strait. Additionally, people can always admire the sight of relaxing waters under the alluring San Juanico Bridge.

The General Douglas MacArthur Landing Memoria

Another famous and first-rate tourist destination in Leyte that many travelers like to see is General Douglas MacArthur Landing Memorial. Situated at Red Beach in Palo, the memorial features statues depicting the historical and victorious return of the American Liberation Forces led by U.S. General Douglas MacArthur, which happened in 1944. People can easily see the statues in the province for these figures have heights higher than 10 feet. Moreover, to commemorate this event, locale people re-enact the landing of the Allied Forces at the beach.

The Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum

One of the most famous and well-maintained museums in Leyte, Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum plays home to important artifacts and relics that signify the culture, heritage, and history of the province. Within the premises of this tourist spot, people can find several structures and images that depict myths in Leyte, which include Malakas and Maganda. Besides this, many travelers from the other parts of the country also go to the museum to see some of the masterpieces of well-known Filipino painter Fernando Amorsolo.

Our Lady of Assumption Church

Our Lady of Assumption Church is visited by thousands of devotees from the province every year. Aside from the historical value of this institution, many people like to see the attractive architecture and structure of the church building. With the high-quality materials that were used in the construction of this early church and several images of saints and martyrs inside the building, many tourists were captivated to this place.

Sun ok Fish Sanctuary

For those who have interest in visiting manmade attractions in the beautiful and historical province of Leyte, they can always take a look at the different marine species in Sun ok Fish Sanctuary. Inside this amusing and well-maintained fish haven, people can find soft and hard coral reefs and various types of fishes. Another attraction in this sanctuary is its strategic location. Because Sun ok Fish Sanctuary is situated near a rocky hill, after touring the fish sanctuary, tourists can try exciting and enjoyable outdoor activities like rock climbing.