Tourist Spots in General Santos - Philippines

Kalaja Karsts Area

A splendid, attractive, and interesting tourist destination in General Santos City, Kalaja Karsts Area is situated at the northeast parta of Barangay Conel. People who are adventurous and who are in search for exciting outdoor activities can always visit this place. Many residents in the city also like to see Kalaja Karsts Area because it features attractive sites such as majestic waterfalls, pristine caves, and beautiful rock formations. One of the famous spots in the area that tourists like to see is Kalaja Cave, which offers a swimming pool where they can take a relaxing and enjoyable dip.

Malakong Gorge

Another popular and captivating spot in the city that travelers should look at is Malakong Gorge in Barangay Conel. This spot is easy to find since there are some other tourist destinations that people can use as landmarks when locating Malakong Gorge. Travelers who enjoy rock climbing, trekking, and hiking, will surely have fun in this place. Additionally, small groups and families who want to try adventurous activities can also visit the spot for it has an area allotted for those who like to camp out.

Nopol Hills

One of the tourist destinations in General Santos City that is accessible to Kalaja Karsts Area, Nopol Hills offers interesting sites to everyone. Aside from being the most popular camping place in the city, Nopol Hills also provides an attractive and relaxing view of towns nearby, as well as the beautiful and majestic Sarangani Bay. Because of this wonderful view, most tourists and travelers enjoy hiking and trekking with their loved ones and friends at Nopol Hills.

Kalaja Cave

A pristine and captivating cave within Kalaja Karsts Area, Kalaja Cave takes a spot in the top 5 tourist spots in General Santos Philippines. Tourists like to visit this place for it offers interesting views such as attractive rock formations. On the other hand, locale people believe that the place has a historic value because it is one of the places in the city where Japanese soldiers get water supply during the war that happened several decades ago. Additionally, the cave features a pool where travelers can take a dip.

Bunga Spring

Finally, Bunga Spring, beautiful flowing water, is recognized as a top 5 tourist spots in General Santos Philippines. Most residents in the city visit this place for it has a camping place where they can bond and have quality moments with their families. Surrounded by different plant species, travelers can surely be relaxed and refreshed visiting Bunga Spring. In addition, they can also spend romantic moments in this place with their loved ones for it offers a majestic view of the solar system at night.