Tourist Spots in Dumaguete - Philippines

Dumaguete does not seem to be the first choice when it comes to tourist spots, because there may be much better spots in the rest of the country. If however you find yourself travelling to Dumaguete anyway, you will be able to find a couple of attractions that are worth your time and money. We will give you a list of the top 5 tourist spots in Dumaguete Philippines that you can visit.

University Treasures

Silliman University is on the top 5 tourist spots in Dumaguete Philippines, because it is not only the oldest university in Dumaguete, but the most elaborate. Silliman University was the home to Japanese soldiers who invaded the city and took out their aggressive behavior on students and people in the University, which is why this University is haunted. By day, you can visit their anthropology museum which is the only museum so far in Dumaguete and in the afternoons and early evenings you can enjoy yourself in one of the theatrical, musical or dance performances in the Luce Auditorium of Silliman University.

The Waterfalls of Negros

Casaroro Falls are located just 15 minutes away from the downtown Dumaguete area and you have to hike your way up the mountain just to go down again on the 200 steps. The waterfalls are in the top 5 tourist spots in Dumaguete Philippines because they are one of the only waterfalls, and because of the form of the fall. Casaroro is a high and narrow fall that runs into a deep basin where you can swim in. You can sit and enjoy the view from the viewing deck of you can get up close and personal by climbing through big rocks into the basin. Bring your packed lunch because you can also sit and relax in one of their pavilions.

Towers and Churches

The Dumaguete Bell Tower and the Dumaguete Cathedral both share a spot in the top 5 tourist spots in Dumaguete Philippines. Located in front of the Quezon Park, both tourist attractions are worth a visit. People often come to the bell tower to light a candle as a sign of respect and in hopes for good luck. The cathedral is grand and has breathtaking murals on the ceiling. You can just enter the cathedral no matter what event is going on.

Stairs Leading to Heaven

Another attraction on the top 5 tourist spots in Dumaguete Philippines is the so-called stairway to heaven. The stairway to heaven is located 10 minutes away from the downtown area and is comprised of 500 stairs that lead to a plateau from which you will be able to see the entire Negros Oriental province. You can even see the Cebu and Siquijor Islands from that viewpoint. Do not forget to bring your camera.

Remembering Japan

The Japanese Shrine is located in the highest reachable mountain top of Dumaguete. This shrine is pretty bland, yet the view is the primary reason why the Japanese Shrine made it into the top 5 tourist spots in Dumaguete Philippines. This place is perfect to relax your tired body before the climb back down to civilization.