Tourist Spots in Dipolog - Philippines

3003 to Linabo Peak

One of the most interesting, inviting, and attractive tourist attractions in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, 3003 Steps to Linabo Peak lures many devotees in the place during the Holy Week. As people climb the steps, they will pass through 14 Stations of the Cross. However, for those who want to see Mount Linabos peak, they need to go further than the 3003 steps. Hence, in reaching the peak of the mountain, it is important that individuals travel with companies since they need to follow slippery trails. Moreover, to view the entire city of Dipolog, people need to get to the top of the mountain.

Cogon Eco-Park

For people who have interest in viewing one of the first-rate tourist destinations in Dipolog City, it is best that they visit the famous Cogon Eco-Park. Situated within Barangay Cogon, tourists can easily locate the place since several jeepneys and tricycles at the city proper are bound to the ecological park. Within the premises of Cogon Eco-Park, people can see various plant species such as Mahogany, Teak, and Yemane. Additionally, the place offers various animal species, which include birds, reptiles, as well as wild animals. For the enjoyment of all its visitors, the park provides a place where they can do exciting activities like mountain climbing and camping.

Japanese Memorial Park

Japanese Memorial Park is a very famous attraction in Zamboanga del Norte that is situated within Barangay Dicayas. This place is important to every resident of the city since it commemorates some of the significant historical events in Dipolog. According to most local people, they value this park for it signifies the courageousness and bravery of Filipino soldiers who fought against Japense forces for the freedom of everyone.

Sungkilaw Falls

In terms of natural attractions, Dipolog City is proud to feature the pristine and majestic Sungkilaw Falls. Situated within the serene area of Barangay Diwan, Sungkilaw Falls offers relaxing places to everyone. For those who want to be refreshed, they can always take a dip at its spring waters. Meanwhile, to continue to attract tourists in the place, the city government together with local group known as Subanen develop projects aimed at constructing cottages and rooms near the falls.

Plaza Magsaysay

A park that occupies one hectare of land in Dipolog City, Plaza Magsaysay offers a relaxing and refreshing site at the heart of the city. This place is accessible by various forms of land transportation available in the place. Additionally, tourists can easily find it for there are a lot of landmarks that they can use to locate Plaza Miranda such as Holy Rosary Cathedral. Since it is situated near the City Hall, many activities that are sponsored by the city government are held in this park.