Tourist Spots in Davao - Philippines

The top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines are must-see places.

Davao is one of the best provinces to visit if you would like to unwind, commune with nature and spend time with animals. This multicultural hub is home to beautiful valleys and mountain ranges as well as protected wildlife. Experience plenty of exciting moments as you visit the top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines.

Mount Apo

The fabled Mount Apo gets a place in this list of top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines. Nature lovers and thrill-seekers that visit Davao make it a point to trek this mountain, which is the Philippines highest peak. A journey up Mount Apo involves crossing creeks, encountering waterfalls and ridges, and getting a very good view of Davaos landscape. Tourists who dare to hike the enchanting Mount Apo come face to face with breathtaking flora and fauna.

Philippine Eagle Center

Situated in Malagos, Baguio District, the Philippine Eagle Center conducts studies, takes care of injured eagles, and monitors captive-bred birds. It also houses other raptors, animal species and different kinds of plants. Bird lovers and plant enthusiasts are often thrilled to discover that the Philippine Eagle Center is within the Malagos Watershed. Visitors of all ages and from all walks of life will surely enjoy seeing the eagles up close and listening to the sounds they create. Touring around the Center is like traveling through a rainforest.

The Bat Sanctuary of Samal Island

A vacation in Davao is incomplete without a visit to the bat caves in Samal Island. The Bat Sanctuary of Samal Island is among the top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines because it offers tourists a one-of-a-kind experience as they observe bats in their natural habitat. Visitors can widen their understanding of these nocturnal creatures by joining youth activities and bat education programs in the Bat Sanctuary. Drop by this tourist spot and see how you can help promote bat conservation.

Davao Crocodile Park

The Davao Crocodile Park, is a frequently visited attraction. Pangil, the largest crocodile in the Philippines, lives in this park. A visit to this small zoo, which is both educational and entertaining, is an ideal activity for families. Learn more about the importance of environmental conservation by saying hello to the crocodiles, snakes, turtles, lizards, wild cats, monkeys, birds and butterflies living in this little zoo.

Eden Nature Park

Completing the top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines is Eden Nature Park in Toril. Eden Nature Park features many vegetable gardens and tree and ornamental nurseries that will delight fans of gardening and organic food. This park houses the beautiful Matinlo Pond and Birdwalk, which are great spots for relaxing, meditating and taking pictures. Get on one of the tourist trams to see the whole of Eden Nature Park, which also has an excellent restaurant.