Tourist Spots in Cebu - Philippines

Situated in the heart of the Philippines, sunny Cebu is an ideal travel destination for all sorts of tourists. The top 5 tourist spots in Cebu - Philippines, which is a hub of tourism, trade and industry, attract more and more visitors every year.

Cebus white-sand beaches, blue waters and rich marine life are must-visits for beach lovers and diving enthusiasts. For forest trekkers, there are many forest reserves, mountains and hills. Art and culture enthusiasts will enjoy the provinces rich history, centuries-old churches and ancestral houses, music and traditional dances. From eating out to shopping for antiques, from indulging in delicious fruits to open water diving, there is always much to see and do in the lively Cebu.

Here are the top 5 tourist spots in Cebu Philippines:

Historical Monuments and Landmarks

Cebus historical monuments and landmarks earn a spot in this list of top 5 tourist spots in Cebu Philippines. Cebu is a very historic province and most, if not all, of its monuments and landmarks are famous attractions. The most popular of all landmarks is Magellans Cross, which is on the corner of Magallanes and Burgos streets. Magellan planted the cross in 1521. Fort San Pedro, the oldest and smallest fortress in the Philippines, took 200 years to complete. It was built as a stronghold in 1565. Other must-see monuments and landmarks in Cebu are the Lapu-Lapu Monument, Liloan Lighthouse, Colon Street, and the Mandaue-Mactan Bridge.


Cebu's churches, among the top 5 tourist spots in Cebu Philippines, reflect architectural design with foreign and local-folk influences. The Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, the oldest church in the country, was built in 1565, damaged by a fire in 1568, rebuilt in 1602 and renovated in 1740. Life-size wooden carvings of Christ and his apostles can be found in the Chapel of the Last Supper in the Mandaue parish. Other churches and temples in Cebu are the Naga, Argao, Dalaguete and Carcar churches, Ramon Durano Foundation Compound, the Taoist and Phu-Sian temples, and the Heavenly Temple of Charity.


Cebu is a paradise for divers, water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers. The islands in Cebu are among the top 5 tourist spots in Cebu Philippines. From the urban Mactan Island to the more laidback Moalboal, from shallow waters to drop-offs, open water and advanced divers will never run out of diving options.

Natural Scenery

Nature lovers who want to take a break from the sun and the sand can explore the natural scenery. The Central Cebu National Park is a forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary perfect for appreciating Cebus flora and fauna. For picnics, travelers can explore Cawasan Falls, Sudlon National Park and The Tops. The Tops, which is on Busay Hills, offers panoramic views of Cebu, Olango and Mactan.


Art aficionados will enjoy visiting Cebus museums, which wrap up the top 5 tourist spots in Cebu Philippines. The Casa Gordo Museum features prints, religious relics and artifacts from the 18th and 19th century. It also holds modern art exhibits. The University of San Carlos Museum, Cebu Public Museum, Jumalons Lepido and Mosaic Art Collection are also worth visiting.