Tourist Spots in Cagayan de Oro - Philippines

Cagayan de Oro is one of the "conregimentos" of Misamis Oriental before. Several years ago during the Spanish era, the city was known as Cagayan de Misamis. Taking a trip to the Mindanao Island could easily direct you to seeing the mesmerizing natural and manmade Top 5 Tourist Spots in Cagayan de Oro - Philippines

Explore the beauty of the place and experience the warm welcome of the people in Cagayan de Oro. If youre on tourist vacation, take note of the top 5 tourist spots in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines and surely you will have utmost fun and entertainment.

Malasag Nature Trail and Eco-tourism Village

The fascinating sights of Malasa Nature Trails goes down to several tourist attractions. One of them is the Palalan Waterfall. Tourist could take a 7 kilometers travel from Sitio Palalan from the Brgy. of Tablon. The waterfall is said to be unique since the surrounding stones and boulders have features similar to the prestigious Mangima Stone. The city named the stone as Oro Stones being the pride of Cagayan de Oro. Palalan Waterfalls has 3 divided steps of falls at 50 meters away from the source, which is the upper portion. The Glema Stoneware and Magtusok Falls can also be found at the Nature trail where you could stay and buy souvenirs for family and friends.

Muse de Oro

The museum showcases different cultural artifacts of Bukidnons and the people of Maranao several decades ago. The different exhibits in Museo de Oro wanted to show local visitors and tourist the rich heritage of Cagayan de Oro. They are proud to show off several antique collections that have outstandingly survived the difficult ravages of time.

Monique Cave

The distinct cave is situated at Barangay Mambuaya. Monique Cave has flowing water from the entry way coming from the astonishing underground stream. The entrance to this cave is very challenging because of its very narrow opening. Each person need to wear protective equipments like waterproof cap lamp and a fitted helmet before they submerge themselves to enter the six inches airspace stuck between the cave ceiling and water. After surpassing the challenging entrance, the exceptional sparkling calcite formations await tourists and local visitor. These calcite are the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites that were oxidized for over 50-60 years for an inch-size formation to be produced. The formations on the cave vary from flowstones, cathedral drapes, and transparent crystals. Everything is naturally made, beautiful, and truly awesome.

Pueblo De Or Golf and Country Club

The golf club is one of the attractions in the place of Cagayan de Oro. It has 18- pole par and 72 worlds classes that is outstandingly designed by Robe Trent Jones II, a popular designer worldwide. Pueblo De Or Golf and Country Club is the perfect spot to experience up-to-date clubhouse, pro-shop, driving range, and different functions rooms.

Gaston Park

The park was named after Segundo Gaston, the foremost Mayou of Cagayan de Oro. This was the center of commerce during the introduction of Cagayan de Oro. Centuries ago, the park serves as the training base for local revolutionaries of the Phil- American War.