Tourist Spots in Boracay - Philippines

Boracay Island is considered by many as one of the paradise on earth. The island is truly amazing. It gathers a lot of tourists, guests, and travelers each year. If you intend to travel for whatever purpose it may be, Boracay Island is the best place to spend your time and money. All of which is truly worthwhile!

With a wonderful place comes along the heartwarming people. The accommodation of the place is truly outstanding. You dont need to have thousands of money to enjoy the place. Boracay Island is a place for all people to enjoy.

White Sand Beach

The talcum-powder like sand of the beach is the main feature of the Place. Unlike other beaches, the White Sand Beach in Boracay Island attracts many tourists because of its sugary white sand and incomparable azure blue waters. The beach has 4 kilometer area famous for its title as finest beach worldwide. The island claims the positive feedback for the White Sand Beach is truly outstanding that any other beaches in the archipelago.

Kalibo, Aklan

Kalibo, Aklan is the entry way to Boracay Island. The place is known worldwide because of its Ati-Atihan festival. It is held every year and many tourists visit the place annually before they finally reach Boracay. Several tribes perform during the festival showing the different culture and tradition of the people in respect to Sr. Sto Nino. This pit stop is worth your time as you witness another culture that is rich and continuously preserved.

Bulabog Beach

The island of Boracay is also a perfect place for aquatic enthusiasts and athletes. Bulabog beach is located on the eastern part of the island. The beach is known as the Mecca of board sailors. The peak season wherein tourists usually visit the place is during November to March of next year. Every January, the beach is chosen as the site for the prestigious International Funboard Cup.

Tibiao Whitewater River

The water river is approximately 2000m distance before it reaches the sea. Tibiao Whitewater River has unique view of the rice terraces, clear water and spectacular falls. It has rich vegetation and has all the features of a superb tropical kind of Whitewater River. The place is very accessible once your reach the Island of Boracay.


If youre looking for the best spot for great and deep dives, Yapak in the Boracay Island is perfect place for all your diving activities. The area will surely assist novice divers to sail up to being experts. Yapak have several dive shops that offer lots of diving equipments. If youre a true-blue scuba diver, then you shouldnt miss Yapak during your Boracay trip.

If youre seeking for a memorable trip in the Philippines, considering Boracay in your list assures you of fun and adventure. Experience the trip that drives everyone to visit Boracay.