Tourist Spots in Baguio - Philippines

To optimize touring time, here are top 5 tourist spots in Baguio, Philippines tourists should see first.

Session Road

This was among the first places in Baguio City developed in the early 1900s, especially when the first Philippine Commission Session was held in the summer of 1904, and since. The venue was the Baden Powell Building which today still stands at the Upper Session Road. Both Upper and Lower Session Roads are lined up with business establishments and regarded by some as Baguios financial district. Traditionally, Session Road has become number one of the top 5 tourist spots in Baguio, Philippines. A Baguio tour often starts here.

Burnham Park

Burnham Park is where people from all walks of life meet and enjoy the same park amenitiespark benches and tables, pines and multicolored flower gardens, boating area, biking area, and lots of fruits, snacks, and souvenir vendors roaming around. At times low mists would slowly float amid the crowds. The park is nothing very spectacular but most visitors and tourists make sure that they see it after coming from Session Roadperhaps because the park is just right next to it.

Mines View Park

Here is where we realize where Baguio is sitting onamong the awesome peaks of the Cordillera mountain ranges. Mines View allows a spectacular panoramic view of a portion of the Cordilleras, many of which were mining sites in the early years. Theres a huge view deck at the edge of a cliff (Mines Terrace) for better viewing. There are also clusters of souvenir shops (accessories, decors, and furniture) and picture taking arrangements especially where a white horse waits to be mounted on for the purpose. Not far from this park is where tasty freshly cooked ube jams are sold.

Baguio Cathedral

Often, when most tourists have gone to Session Road, Burnham Park, and Mines View, they often trek back to Session Road for lunch. But just before doing so, they make sure to drop by the Baguio Cathedral. The entrance going up the stiff staircase to the church grounds is located about 2 to 3 corners from the Lower Session Road. From the Cathedral, tourists are allowed a breath-taking view of parts of the city and cloud covered hills nearby. It was started to be built in 1920 and was finished in 1936.

The Philippine Military Academy

After lunch, tourists may simply take a public jeep from Harrison Road to the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) grounds, about 45 minutes from the city proper. PMA is often the next logical tour stop because its terrain of forested rolling hills and deep ravines is an ideal shield against the noon day sun. The cool mountain breeze often blows to refresh visitors and prepare them for a tour around the PMA barracks, gym, souvenir shops, museum, PX goods, and the Armored Vehicles and Canons Display Park. From PMA, Camp John Hay is a few minutes away.