Tourist Spots in Bacolod - Philippines

Fountain of Justice

One of the most visited and interesting tourist spots in Bacolod City, Fountain of Justice is very significant in the history as well as culture of the place. Found in front of the Bacolods first City Hall, this tourist spot is the actual place where the Spanish colonizers and soldiers surrendered to early Filipinos on the 5th day of November in 1898. To recognize the historic event, former Negros Spanish Governor Isidro Castro signed an agreement with the late General Aniceto Lacson. Due to the historic value of the Fountain of Justice, throughout the year, many tourists allot time to visit this place.

San Sebastian Cathedral

On the top 5 tourist spots in Bacolod Philippines, San Sebastian Cathedral is also one of the cultural and historical tourist destinations in the city. Through the leadership of Father Mauricio Ferrero, this church was constructed in 1876. Considered as one of the oldest religious institutions established in the place, the church was recognized as a cathedral 57 years following its construction. Some of the attractions in the spot is the centennial bells, which can be found at the right side of the building.

Palacio Episcopal

Aside from Fountain of Justice and San Sebastian Cathedral, people can also find another historical tourist spot in the city like Palacio Episcopal. Established in the 1890s, Palacio Episcopal served as the residence of Bishop Julian Gonzaga. Aside from serving as the home to the religious leader, this place also served as a refuge for colonizers, as well as civic leaders, when early people in Bacolod revolt against Spanish officers and soldiers in 1898.

Bacolod Western Visayas Clonal Nursery

Situated near Barangay Alingalan, Bacolod Western Visayas Clonal Nursery is another attraction in the place that features different kinds of plants that are important to the program of the city government on reforestation. Since the plants that are found in the nursery have high value to the city, tourists who want to visit this place should first ask the City Environment Office and City Tourisms Office for their approval and recommendation.

Provincial Park and Lagoon

Lastly on the list of the top 5 tourist spots in Bacolod Philippines is the Provincial Park and Lagoon. This tourist destination can easily be find by tourists since it is situated near the Capitol Building. The structural work featuring a male buffalo and a man is a masterpiece of an artist who graduated from the University of the Philippines. Aside from being a tourist destination, this site also serves as a nice and relaxing jogging spots for local residents of Bacolod City. Hence, to continue to attract tourists in Bacolod, the city government maintains cleanliness and attractiveness of Provincial Park and Lagoon.