Tourist Spots in Angeles City - Philippines

The Fontana Waterpark

Recognized as one of the most impressive, stylish, and attractive resort-hotels in Angeles City, Philippines, The Fontana Waterpark is known for the beautiful and well-maintained amenities that it features. For those who want to be refreshed and relaxed, they can always take a dip at one of its clean and spacious swimming pools. On the other hand, for people who want to try other exciting recreational activities, they can also visit its casino, where they can play various games and also have the chance to win big cash prizes. Located in the Clark Special Economic Zone, tourists will not encounter problems locating the resort since there are several landmarks that they can use to find this place.

Mimosa Golf and Country Club

Aside from The Fontana Waterpark, tourists can also visit another popular resort in the city, known as Mimosa Golf and Country Club. Unlike Fontana Waterpark, which is known for its swimming pools and water parks, this tourist spot takes pride in its well-maintained golf course. However, for those who do not possess skills in playing golf, they can also use the other facilities in this place such as Jacuzzi and sauna. When it comes to dining, travelers can also satisfy their hunger by dining in one of its restaurants.

Santo Rosario Church

On the list of top 5 tourist spots in Angeles City Philippines, Santo Rosario Church is one of the historic sites that people can visit in the area. This history behind the construction of this church is very inspiring since it is established during the time when Spanish colonizers implement forced labor in the country. According to history, many native who were suspected of promoting rebellion in the province were killed and buried on the grounds of the church.

Bale Matua

One of the most renowned tourist spot in Angeles City, Bale Matua is an old house situated within Santo Rosario. Known as the oldest house in the city, Bale Matua is founded by a rich man named Don Angel Pantaleon de Miranda in the 1800s. Inside this mansion, people can find artifacts that can suggest the culture and lifestyle of early people in Angeles City.

Bayanihan Park

Bayanihan Park is another tourist spot in Angeles City, Pampanga, that vacationers and travelers can visit if they want to unwind and relax. Hence, to encourage local residents to value their health and fitness, the park features basketball and volleyball courts. In addition, the capacious park also allots a space for people who enjoy kite flying. This place is very popular not just to tourists but also to local people because most of the special events in the city such as festivals, religious ceremonies, and bazaars are held at Bayanihan Park.