Things to do in Subic - Philippines

Subic offers everyone spectacular view that will amaze local visitors and international tourists. It is situated at the southwest part of the Luzon region. The place is the perfect spot for vacation trip, family gatherings, and nature adventures. Enjoy every day of your excursion while you venture every corner of Subic.

Subic has a lot to show off to other regions not just in the local are but also to the international market. Get rid of your boring and taxing lifestyle and take pleasure in visiting Subic. Pack your luggage and consider the top 5 things to do in Subic, Philippines.

Subic Bay Ocean Adventure

Enjoy the ocean adventure in this marine themed park. The tour is truly beneficial which serves as both an entertainment and educational center. It provides opportunity to both children and adults to gain knowledge regarding the various life forms that exist beneath the oceans. Furthermore, sea pens showcase diverse form of sea creatures such as dolphins, seals, and even killer whales. Subic Bay Ocean Adventure is truly an astonishing and remarkable experience.

Trip to Zoobic Safari

If you get to set your fee at Subic, dont miss the chance to visit the Zoobic Safari. The sanctuary covers 15 hectares land area and it is divided into numerous sections. Take pleasure in getting through the forests, the Petting Zoo, to get close and have a live interaction with bearcats, goats, horses, deer, and a lot more. Zoobic Safari also contains the Serpentarium that holds different species of snakes with a nearby pond that houses few crocodiles. The highlight of the entire sanctuary is the Tiger Safari. Guests and travelers will be directed by some tour guides that will give substantial details that you need to be familiar with as you gaze at the different animals.

Forest Reserve Exploration

The forest reserve that is well-known in Subic is the Bat kingdom. The place is believed to be the home of thousand bamboo bats, flying foxes, fruit bats and other exotic animals. The fruit bat species in the Bat Kingdom is largest fruit bat in the planet. If you cant spot these bats in the Bat Kingdom, you could watch them as they take their flight towards the Bat Highway.

Sightseeing at the Half Moon Beach- Top 4 Top 1 Among the Top 5 Things to Do in Subic, Philippines

Your trip to Subic is incomplete without going to the prestigious site of Half Moon Beach. Its simplicity draw people to flock in the place. As its unique name implies, the beach offers a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. The cool water and the fine sand of the beach is the best treat for your tropical getaway. Lots of water sports and activities will truly make your trip worthwhile.

Shipwrecks Visit

One of the best things to do in Subic is to visit the ruins of numerous ships that drifted in the middle of Subic Bay. Shipwrecks visit is one of the largest attractions in Subic. Many people and divers cant afford to miss this exciting adventure. Aside from the usual underwater activities, many truly enjoy the visit to the submerged Japanese and American vessels.