Things to do in Sorsogon - Philippines

Sorsogson is one big eco-adventure. It is an ideal tourist destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers as Sorsogons tropical wonders beckon to be explored. Dive into azure blue waters, discover the legends surrounding mysterious caves and ruins or simply enjoy the tropical white sand beaches found across the province. You will never run out of things to do and to discover at Sorsogon. We have outlined the best of these experiences at our Top 5 Things to Do in Sorsogon.

Butanding/Whaleshark Interaction

Whalesharks are the largest fish in the world, measuring to 15 ft up to 40 ft in length. But these gigantic fish are far from harmful, they are actually considered as friendly, gentle giants. Sorsogon offers the curious and adventurous the opportunity of a lifetime, to swim close to these magnificent creature, which makes it our first placer in the Top 5 Things to Do in Sorsogon-Philippines. The whalesharks congregate off the shores of Donsol, Pilar, Castilla and Magallanes. Peak season for whaleshark interaction is during the months of February until May.

Commune with Nature at Mt. Bulusan Natural Park and Bulusan Mountain Lake Resort

Nature lovers will surely love the rare flora and fauna at Mt. Bulusan Natural Park. The Natural Park covers lush tropical forests, winding rivers, natural springs, pristine lakes and the still-active Mt. Bulusan. Many a mountaineer has scaled the slopes of Mt. Bulusan, bringing back praises not only for the view at the top but also for the rare wild orchids, giant ferns and moss-covered trees found on the way to the peak. Mt. Bulusan Natural Park is quite a showcase of what Mother Nature can offer, with its colorful mix of green shrubs and colorful flowering plants reflected at the glass-like waters of the lake, making our top 5 Things to Do in Sorsogon-Philippines worth the stop.

Frolic under the Sun at Tolong-Gapo Beach

A trip to Sorsogon will not be complete without visiting one of its white sand beaches, so do not skip our placer at the Top 5 Things to do In Sorsogon-Philippines. Tolong-Gapo means three stones in the local language. According to local folk belief, the three stones found off the beach are that of a boy, a cat and a carabao. They turned into stone when they were struck by lightning. Regardless if the legend is true, the white sand beaches offer the perfect spot for frolicking under the sun on good days. There are cottages and huts at the shore which can be rented for picnicking.

Learn History and Local Heritage at old Barcelona Church

There is always something interesting and nostalgic about old churches. They are what remain of the time when Philippines was under Spanish colonization, the era of Spanish mestizos, monks, convent-raised ladies and European architecture. One of these well-preserved souvenirs from the past is the old Barcelona Church, a 19th century church made of thick stone walls. Although the interior has been altered, the thick stone walls of the church and the bell tower are still the original structure. Outside the church are ruins of an old schoolhouse, casa tribunal and baluarte (fort).

Join in the Kasanggayahan Festival

If you ever drop by Sorsogon in the month of October, then join the celebration of the Kasanggayahan Festival, the last activity in our Top 5 Things to Do in Sorsogon-Philippines. The Kassanggayahn Festival is held in commemoration of the founding of Sorsogon as a province. The festival is held with an array of cultural, historical, religious and agro-industrial and economic activities. The locals open its door to guests and tourists, inviting them to partake in the street dancing and banquets.