Things to do in Samar - Philippines

There are a lot of sightseeing spots in Samar and while it is true that it is not as well known nor as frequently visited by tourists, the fact is that it holds a lot of pleasant surprises for everyone who loves adventures and fun.

Number 1 in Top 5 Things to do in Samar Philippines: Go to the Marabut Marine Park

To ensure the protection and preservation of its species, the Marabut Marine Park was established, and today the site has become one of the most beautiful of the many tourist attractions in Samar, not to mention that it is one of the most educational. There are a lot of different fish species you will see here, and being right at the San Bernardino Strait, provides you with a great view of the seas as well.

Number 2 in Top 5 Things to do in Samar Philippines: Relax at Mercedes Beach

About a mile from Guiuan Beach is Barangay Bua Bua, where this lovely beach is located. The white sands here are comparable with those in other provinces in the Philippines, and as such becoming very popular. The beautiful underwater scenery also makes it ideal for swimming and scuba diving. Another reason why this has become one of the major tourist attractions in Samar are its gorgeous sunsets.

Plunge into the Sohotan Caves

There are a lot of caverns to explore in Samar, but without question this is one of the most famous. It is not far from Borongan, and it will be worth the trip anyway. The rugged rock formations make it one of the most visually impressive. Going deep into the caves reveals even more exciting and unusual rock configurations, making this one of the most unique of the tourist attractions in Samar.

Visit Guiuan Island

Hailed by some as the next big thing when it comes to Philippine beaches and resorts, Guiuan Island is now drawing in a lot of people. The sands here are among the most pristine in the region, as it has been left untouched. The deep waters are also well known for the lovely dive sites. If you go underwater you will see a lot of exotic fishes, including soldier fish, groupers, coral reefs and many more in this growing tourist attraction in Samar.

Have a Picnic at Blanca Aurora Falls

If you are in Catbalogan and travel some 40 km north you will come across the Blanca Aurora Falls. The waterfalls are quite the majestic sight, and there are a growing number of resorts nearby. In addition, you can also find a cave or ledge so you can stay without being drenched, perfect for picnics.

The hotspots in the province are becoming increasingly popular and the local government is doing all it can to make sure word gets out. As the province becomes more popular, expect the amenities and accommodations at the tourist attractions in Samar to improve which will make these activities more exciting.