Things to do in Ormoc - Philippines

Its a shame to waste time in a lovely coastal city like Ormoc in Leyte by spending more time in less interesting activities there or prioritizing wrong schedules in ones itinerary. Heres what should help an Ormoc tourtop 5 things to do in Ormoc-Philippines.

First, A Leisurely Dip at the Beach

Being a coastal city in Leyte, it faces the vast pristine Camotes Sea that sends rolling waves to Ormocs concave seashore. The Ormoc Bay is ideal for bathers who prefer gently rolling waves with clear waters. The protective bay shores make sure that tranquil waters are there most of the time. So, when in Ormoc, make sure to visit the shore first and test the waters as this ranks first in the top 5 things to do in Ormoc-Philippines.

Second, Mountain Hiking

Ormoc is also know for its mountainous terrain which is covered with lush forests of old and massive trees that some loggers eye with avarice. A favorite mountain hiking trail starts at the composed Lake Danao and stretches some 40 kilometers from there to Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park. The up and down trail leads to breath-taking views of the lake and the volcano, and at times the vast plains below. Aside from the aerobic benefit, the trek leads to unique wilderness spots that surely astound the eyes. So this ranks second in the top 5 things to do in Ormoc-Philippines.

Third, Rainforest Tour

Ormoc wilds afford genuine rainforest sanctuaries where undisturbed nature is as its best. To start off, adventurers will likely chance upon unique-looking ferns and orchids, tropical flora and fauna, bird species, monkeys, wild boars, deer, and a host of colorful and amazing insects as they venture deeper into the woods. Theres great chance of coming across the Guinaban Falls. Sometimes, they may emerge from thick foliage to end up in a panoramic display of awesome mountain ranges, like those of Amandiwing, and even sights of Samar Island afar. This fascinating experience is third in the top 5 things to do in Ormoc-Philippines.

Boating on Lake Danao (Or Myth Hunting)

How about being among the few people who supposedly had caught a rare glimpse of the giant eel said to lurk in the deeps of the mythical lake? Rent a boat and start off with an investigating team in an adventure to search for the legendary giant eel. And there are more mysteries to unravel at the lake, some folks there say. Violin-shaped Lake Danao is 2100 feet above sea level and runs 3 kilometers longplenty of exciting things to do there. After a long, tiring search and lots of boat paddling, hunger pangs may be pacified with a big meal of delicious Ormoc native food at the floating restaurant. Needless to say, this ranks fourth in the top 5 things to do in Ormoc-Philippines.

A Dip in the Tongonan Hot Springs

Finally, before calling it a day, it is always good to soak in a natural hot spring to refresh and relax. And Tongonan Hot Springs is a national park, no less, that has been generating power (and the first in the Philippines) for the whole of Ormoc for years. If theres anything worth doing last but not the least in this city, its this fifth activity in the top 5 things to do in Ormoc-Philippines.