Things to do in General Santos - Philippines

General Santos City is a pride of the Island of Mindanao. Its not just an ordinary city since the place conceals a lot of beauty worth seeing. GenSan as the local folks would call the city, is a perfect destination for every person who wants to spend their breaks, holidays, or vacations.

The city enjoys the storm-free weather both year in and year out. On the other hand, GenSan has 2 prominent dry and wet seasons. If you want to visit General Santos City during the dry season prefer to do your travel from November to May. However, if you feel to enjoy the citys pleasure during the rainy season, visit GenSan City from June to October.

If you are very excited to start your trip in GenSan and you dont know what to do first, consider these top 5 things to in General Santos, Philippines.

Witness the Tuna Festival

Other regions have their own feasts to show off and for General Santos City, Tuna Festival is the top most feast that the city celebrates. Mark your calendar in the month of August for it is the highlight of the festival. Enjoy the different festive celebrations like parades, culinary competitions, pageants, street parties, and float competitions. The Tuna Festival is centered on the promotion of GenSans fishing industry as tuna is its main product.

Diving Activities

General Santos City has a lot to offer to tourist and local folks when it comes to aquatic sports especially scuba diving. The vicinity of the place has scattered beaches and diving sites where you could learn and improve your diving skills. If you want to try out good diving as a beginner, Rocky Beach is the place to visit. Along the shallow water you could see the view of colorful corals and diverse schools of fish.

However, if you wanted challenge on your diving skills and advance to the next level, visit the Tinoto Wall. The diving site is located in Sarangani Bay. Any diver who gets to unveil the hidden wonders of Tinoto Wall has a wonderful token of seeing the abyss. This is an underwater rock formation wherein the view is only seen hundreds of meters below. The spot is frequently visited by tourists for the abyss view reward.

Dine at Rancheros Grill

If youre tired after several challenging activities, its time for you to fill your tummy. Rancheros Grill is a competitive restaurant that is established to answer your food craving needs. This favorite place specializes in grilled dishes from local favorites to international grilled cuisines. If you worry about your budget, be satisfied with the huge servings given at a very reasonable price at Rancheros Grill. Take a stopover at the National Highway in General Santos City and experience the taste of Rancheros Grill.

Take Pictures at Kalaja Karts Island

Lots of local folks and tourists want to visit the place because of its outstanding eco-tourism. Historically, it was believed that the cave and waterfalls alongside of the land was produced from the karsts formation that surrounds the land. zthe karsts were believed to be carved over millions of years ago. Before, there are still tunnels that could be seen in the place which was believed to be the underground hideout of the Japanese. However, it was phase out due to developments made in the place.

Royal Experience at Anchor Hotel

Never miss to experience the luxurious treat at Anchor hotel located at the Santiago Boulevard, General Santos city. Accommodations and services are served in highly affordable prices depending on your choices. Check out the top notch facilities and several boutiques and shops that will surely bring you pleasure.