Things to do in Butuan - Philippines

Butuan is a city filled with possibilities and activities for everyone. If you intend to visit this city the next time you are in the Philippines, the following are some of the activities that you will want to try out.

Explore its Dive Sties

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Butuan are without doubt its dive sites. Those who have gone here several times will attest to this. There are several lovely dive sites that you can visit, but one of the most popular and breathtaking is the one at Carmen. Pelagic fish, coral reefs, nudibranches and more abound here. Another dive site you should check out is Vinapor, where a lot of colorful fish can also be found swimming idly around.

Visit the Sto. Nino Diocesan Shrine

If you are at the city proper, drop by Libertad where this famous religious shrine is located. According to legend an image of the Sto. Nino was taken to the city and led to the conversion of the people to Christianity. Today it is a popular site for devotees, and those who visit this tourist attraction in Butuan can also get to Mt. Mayapay, which is nearby.

Drop by the National Museum

This is a city that is thousands of years old, much older than a lot of the other provinces in the Philippines, and as such is steeped and rich in history. To learn more about its past, you can visit its National Museum. It is filled with a lot of info about the place including its famous boats, the Golden Tara and many more.

Relax at the Eco Park

Officially known as the Bood Promontory First Mass Eco Park, it is known as the place where the famed explorer Ferdinand Magellan commemorated his arrival to the Philippines by holding a mass here. Today it has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Butuan. There are beautiful fish ponds here, as well the Masao River, and numerous trees.

See the Abayan Festival

The Philippines is well known for its love of fiestas, and one of the most highly anticipated in this part of the country is the Abayan Festival. This event takes place at the final Sunday every July, and is done in honor of Saint Anne, the saint of the city and protector of the people. The festivities are marked by a colorful procession along the sea.

The tourist attractions in Butuan make this one of the most exciting and captivating cities you can visit when in the Philippines. True, it is not as well known as the other vacation spots, but the fact that there are fewer people here means you have more of the city and its sightseeing spots to yourself signifying a more peaceful and quiet time.