Things to do in Bicol - Philippines

Rain and sunshine intertwine in Bicol, the province that is home to popular tourist destinations such as Legazpi, Naga, Sorsogon and Camarines Sur. It continues to attract local and foreign travelers even when several strong typhoons have come its way in the past few years. The culture and natural resources of Bicol are very much intact, although some of its noteworthy spots have been badly affected.

Ponder the top 5 things to do in Bicol Philippines and start creating your itinerary. From natural attractions to sites of historical and cultural importance, from yummy treats to the friendly butanding, Bicol can truly deliver.

See the Mayon Volcano and Cagsawa Ruins.

The beautiful Mount Mayon is known for its nearly perfect cone. A popular site the world over, this active volcano is 2,462 meters above sea level and a sight to behold during clear skies. There is even a myth that if you chance upon a cloud-free view of Mayon during your first visit, you will return to Bicol.

When Mount Mayon erupted in 1814, the lava took with it the Cagsawa Church, leaving only the church steeple behind. More of the Cagsawa Ruins have disappeared due to very strong typhoons. Despite that, seeing Mount Mayon and Cagsawa Ruins one of the top 5 things to do in Bicol Philippines.

Interact with whalesharks in Donsol.

Animal lovers and wildlife conservation supporters will both enjoy interacting with whalesharkslocally known as butandingin Donsol, among the top 5 things to do in Bicol Philippines. If you want a unique underwater adventure, swim, snorkel or dive in Donsol, Sorsogon where you can say hello to the gentle butanding. Former whale hunters will guide you during your whaleshark interaction tour. The best time to go is during March and April.

Explore Albay and Naga.

Exploring Albay and Naga is the third among the top 5 things to do in Bicol Philippines. Albay, where Legazpi City is located, features the JM Penaranda Monument, Bicol Heroes Trylon, Albay Capitol and City Hall, Daraga Church and Cagsawa Ruins.

The Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Penafrancia and the Holy Rosary and Plaza Quince Martires can be found in Naga. Nationwide pilgrim-devotees flock to Naga every September to pay homage to Our Lady of Penafrancia.

Affordable abaca and pili products are sold everywhere in Albay and Naga, from market stalls to malls.

Visit Camarines Sur.

If you love sun, sand and swimming, head over to Camarines Sur and enjoy a range of water sports. Visit Camarines Sur, the fourth among the top 5 things to do in Bicol Philippines, and cool off in the waters of Kawa-Kawa and Tumaguiti falls. Go to Lake Buhi for the must-see Sinarapan. Nature lovers can go to Mt. Isarog at Consocep for a fun-filled trekking adventure.

Taste the delicious local treats.

Bicol express, pinangat and pili nut are some of the must-try local treats in Bicol. Bicol express can be cooked with meat or fish and makes for a spicy, mouth-watering meal. Pinangat is made from taro leaves filled with shrimp fry. Pili products are widely available, and you can take home pili nut candies even if you are on a tight budget. Sampling the local cuisine wraps up the top 5 things to do in Bicol Philippines.