Things to do in Baguio - Philippines

Here are new and unique things that should be among the top 5 things to do in Baguio, Philippines.

First, Hotel Hunting

Many vacationers are discovering this new craze in Baguio. Instead of laying out a complete plan on where to stay in Baguio, some in groups take up the challenge of going to Baguio with no particular hotel in mind to go to. Once in Baguio, they roam around and hike, surveying room rates, scouting for a place to stay. The important thing here is to search out hotels in groupsthey say this keeps morale high and prevents early exhaustion. Doing this gives them a kick of adventurism and mystery, so this gives a place in the top 5 things to do in Baguio, Philippines.

Ghost Hunting

Another fad gaining popularity among the young is going up Baguio to hunt for ghosts or collect ghost stories about the city. Rumors have it that most hotels in Baguio, especially old ones, are haunted. So some visitors choose old lodges or mysterious-looking inns. They carry tape recorders or cameras in hopes of catching some eerie sounds or images on them while roaming around spooky-looking corners or forested areas. Some leave tape recorders on in their rooms while touring Baguio at night, hoping something strange would be picked up on their return

Eating Raw Flowers

Another new craze gaining wide popularity is searching out remote Baguio restaurants serving raw, organically grown plants and flowers as dinner. Colorful flowers from plants like patola, ampalaya, kalabasa, Baguio beans, Thai basil, gotokula, and corander, are common. But try out Eves Garden on Lamtang Road in Baguio. They serve edible multicolored flowers and 10 varieties of lettuce. The menus look like banquettes or garlands. Though hard to come by, many people search out remote nooks and crannies of Baguio city, stubbornly ask around, just to get to a place like this.

Enjoy a Dip at a Baguio Hot Spring

Most vacationers relish the prospect of enjoying cool weather in Baguio. But other people go up the City of Pines for a nice dip in the Asin hot spring. The locality of Asin where the famous Bridal Veil Falls is found has a tourist resort with hot natural spring water collected in a swimming pool. Try the hot spring during colder months. The hot spring can provide a refreshing perk to the body just before going back to the lowlands. There are also interesting souvenir shops in the vicinity.

Test Drive a New Car

From Manila, Baguio only takes 5 hours using a car. Probably a little less with a brand new car. Many Manila folks test drive their new car by making a whole-day trip to Baguio. They start out at 3 at dawn and get to Baguio at 8 in the morning. Then they roam around Baguio in their new car, enjoying both the smoothly running new vehicle and the green scenery and cool climate. They grab drive-in dinners, do some shopping and sightseeing, and then leave at 3 in the afternoon and be back home at 7 or 8 in the evening. Some make this a family affair.