Restaurants in Zamboanga - Philippines

Being a city located in the heartland of Mindanao, which is the southernmost major island of the Philippine archipelago and where there is a large Muslim poplation, it needs no explanation as to why Zamboanga has numerous cultural legacies that set it apart from the rest of the country. One of the most apparent of this legacies that make it a distinct city is Zamboanga Citys cuisine, which is heavily influenced by both of its cultural roots: the Iberian legacy left behind by Spanish colonization, and the Muslim legacy brought about by Zamboangas proximity to Muslim Mindanao and the Philippines Islamic neighbors particularly Malaysia.

This makes eating in Zamboangas diners a must. With the legions of eateries in the city however, one must have a priority list that will guide one to the diners that will provide one the best Zamboanga cuisine experience. Here is a list that contain the five best restaurants in Asias only Latin City

La Vista Del Mar

Literally meaning The View of the Sea, La Vista Del Mar is an outdoor restaurant that lets its customers enjoy the great view of the sea while they enjoy their seafood dish, hence the name of the restaurant. Being in the coast, La Vista Del Mar offers seafood dishes such as prawns served in bamboo trays and grilled milk fish.


It may pride itself as Asias one and only Latin City but there is certainly no getting from the fact that it is situated in the heart of Muslim Mindanao. This is reflected also in its cuisine that also reflects this Muslim legacy. One such restaurant featuring Muslim food is Tinis, which serve dishes that are halal-certified and are absolutely free from pork meat and pork products, making it the perfect venue for those who are strictly following Islams codes and for those who want to try out the Muslim component of Zamboanga cuisine.

Hai San Sea Food Market & Restaurant

This restaurant is special primarily not because of any special cuisine or a out of this world dish, but because of the way its customers choose that they will eat. And mind you, it is not choosing what dish they will eat but what catch that they want to be cooked and eat later on. With this system, customers will be sure that what they will eat will be deliciously rich and fresh as they are the one who picked the seafood from the fresh catch of the day.

Jimmys Satti

There are those dishes that somehow define a particular place or perhaps the culture of that particular place. Satti is one of such dishes. Closely related to Malaysias satay, satti is also meat skewered in bamboo sticks and is a breakfast staple in Zamboanga. Jimmys Satti is the foremost dining place for the dish and the best venue to try out the distinct Zambangueno dish.

Alavar Seafood Restaurant

Alavar Seafood Restaurant is one of those dining places that one just cant pass over mainly because it offers the best dishes that Zamboanga prides itself in. Alavar offers seafood dishes but apart from that it has its renowned Alavar sauce which really spices up any seafood paired with it.

There are numerous other restaurants that are worth ones try but for those who are short on time and money, these five restaurants are ones best bet when trying out the cuisine of Asias one and only Latin City.