Restaurants in Tagbilaran - Philippines

Brewpoint Coffee Club

Although Brewpoint Coffee Club is relatively small in size compared to other premier restaurants in Tagbilaran City, many people consider this place one of the best in terms of food, service, and facilities. For those who want to check out the restaurant, they can go to Lou Square along the streets of M. Parras and J. C. Borja. Primarily, this dining facility specializes in European-inspired dishes including tasty and healthy sandwiches, which are perfect for any time of the day. In terms of beverages, this place makes nice cups of tea and coffee. Food prices usually range from 100 pesos to 200 pesos. The restaurant staff can be reached by calling the landline number (038)-501-7421, or the alternate line (038)-411-3074.

Miravillas Restaurant

Found right at F. V. Harrison Extension within the District of Booy, Miravillas Restaurant is one of the Top 5 Restaurants in Tagbilaran Philippines. Basically, this place cooks fresh seafood dishes into perfection including prawns, squids, and crabs. To maintain the freshness of its food offerings, customers can get to choose live seafood straight from aquariums, which the restaurant staff will cook into different tasty dishes. Its other enticing delicacies use swordfish, clams, and eels as key ingredients. In terms of prices, complete meals cost more or less 2,000 pesos, inclusive of drinks, viands, and rice.

Cion Verge Café and Restaurant

Situated right inside the Airport Compound in Tagbilaran City, Cion Verge Café and Restaurant is one of the interesting food service providers in the area. Thanks to its convenient location, many people traveling within the city find it easy to drop by and dine in this first-rate dining facility. Its sandwiches are definitely tasty, and so are its other special food offerings including Calamares. During hot sunny afternoons, customers can order different kinds of refreshing beverages including iced teas, beers, and soft drinks. Its contact numbers are (038)-411-5654 and (038)-411-2328.

Garden Cafe

Known for its Western-inspired design and dishes, Garden Café is a convenient dining establishment that serves sumptuous and scrumptious meals. One of its tasty appetizers is Chicken Quesadilla, a famous treat available for as low as 50 pesos. Furthermore, the place also serves other surprisingly delicious dishes such as steaks and wraps. The ambiance inside the place is really nice, which makes it more inviting for tourists and guests staying near the restaurant.

Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant

Found along Caingit Drive, Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant serves some of the best-tasting fish and seafood specialties in Tagbilaran City. As fresh as they get, the food are grilled into perfection by the fast and efficient staff of the place. Crabs, shrimps, and squids are just some of the many exciting food that guests can ultimately enjoy as they dine inside this cozy, casual, and relaxing restaurant. Its contact details include the cell phone numbers 0917-8121668 and 0915-5500478, as well as the landline number (038)-411-4949.