Restaurants in Samar - Philippines

Samar may be recognized for its lush forests, waterfalls and caves, but its cities, notably Catbalogan, can be relied upon to provide great food, thanks to the many restaurants, fast food joints and eateries that have sprouted up. As the province attracts more visitors and tourists, expect even more to appear.

Fortune Restaurant

The Fortune Restaurant is right next to the bank of Equitable PCI, at Del Rosario Street in Catbalogan. It is actually part of the Fortune Hotel, and its specialty is Chinese food. As such you can expect not just to get a taste of fine Chinese cuisine, but you will also enjoy the ambience of a genuine Chinese restaurant. At an average cost of only $10 per meal, you will not have to cough up a lot of money for these great meals.

Nestor Flores Lechon Manok

Lechon manok has always been a mainstay at the buffet table of the people at Samar, and Nestor Flores Lechon Manok is one of the most popular in Catbalogan. Serving a variety of lechon manok, the restaurant also offers several types of sauce, soft drinks and other delicacies. If you want to have a taste of this meal, which is a feature at virtually every fiesta, this is one of the best eateries to try it.


Since its emergence in 1985 in Metro Manila, Chowking has grown and expanded into other parts of the country, and is now one of the most patronized eateries in Samar.

Chowking began as a hybrid of Chinese cuisine and a fast food service, but as their popularity increased the food being served expanded. Nowadays they serve burgers, fries, soft drinks and also rice meals with Filipino and Chinese dishes. Of course, Chinese dishes like dimsum, siomai, and soups are still popular among its patrons.

Ernies Pizza

Ernies Pizza in Catbalogan is usually the place where tourists and first time visitors to Samar are taken for a taste of some local pasta. The main dishes here of course are its pizza, which are served with different toppings and flavors, and come with cool drinks. However, Ernies Pizza also provides other tasty meals, including baked macaroni, all at reasonable amounts.


Jollibee is one of the most popular fast food / diners in the Philippines, and testament to this fact is its availability in several parts of the country. Since this fast food joint opened in Samar, it has given both local residents and also foreign tourists the chance to savor their popular meals.

Among the treats you can enjoy at Jollibee are sundaes, ice cream, chocolate drinks, hamburgers with fries, spaghetti as well as rice meals topped with different types of food.

The province may not yet be as economically prosperous as its neighbors, but as this rundown of the top 5 restaurants in Samar shows, when it comes to food, the province already has plenty to offer.