Restaurants in Puerto Princesa - Philippines

Lotus Garden Asian Fine Dining Restaurant

Lotus Garden is locaed along Rizal Avenua in Purto Princesa City. It an Asian dining restaurant that offers the customers a very relaxing and fine dining facility where in they get the chance to enjoy delectable, exquisite and sumptuous delicacies. This restaurant focuses on Asian dishes such as Thai, Chinese and Filipino dishes. It's specialty includes vegetarian Thai Curry, Chicken Satay and Sour Pork. The food is very affordable and delicious that you can enjoy a sumptuous meal for only P200. Lotus Garden is also known for its delicious beef spareribs and curried shrimp salad.

Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant

Found along the extension of Manalo in the city of Puerto Princesa, Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant offers the best Filipino Delicacies in the city. The establishment is wonderfully designed to give the customers the feel of a locally Filipino setting along with a casual and cheerful environment. Additionally, the cozy feeling of the restaurant makes the place perfect for a family day, romantic dates and casual food trips. The prices are also very affordable ranging from P100 to P200. Among their specialties are Calamares and Sinigang na Tanigue. In addition to that, Balinsasayaw offers fruit shakes for a cheap cost of 35 pesos only.


Chowking is another restaurant located along the Avenue of Rizal seated at the heart of Puerto Princesa. Chowking is among the most popular food chains in the entire country. It is very well known for its amazing food services and food varieties along with an excellent dining facility. This restaurant is a popular choice of families, friends and relatives who wants to enjoy great food while having some chit chats. The prices of the food as also very cheap and affordable. Their menu includes Chicken Lauriat, Pork Tofu and Kang Kong with delicious Bagoong. Chowking also serves deserts and beverages and it is popular for its great tasting halo-halo, a perfect treat for summer.

Coffee Exchange Café

Coffee Exchange Café is situated inside the Asturias Hotel in the National Highway Barangay Tiniguiban. It is among the noteworthy restaurants in Puerto Princesa. This extensive dining retaurant offers a cozy place where in customers can enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment while enjoying sumptuous and delightful dishes. Coffee Exchange Café is known for its hot and delicious coffees and hot beverages that includes Hot Chocolate, Lattes and Chai Teas. When it comes to food, this restaurant specializes on different kinds of delicacies from all over the world.

Lola Itang Restaurant

It is yet again another restaurant sitiuated along Roxas Avernue in Puerto Princesa. Lola Itang Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the city specializing on international, Filipino and Asian cuisines. For a budget of P200, you can already enjoy the great tasting specialties of the restaurant such as five spice spareribs, sizzling pork and chicken ala king. Customers can also enjoy delicious dishes such as Tanigue on Lemon Butter Sauce, Crispy Honey Chicken and Tomato cucumber salad.