Restaurants in Puerto Galera - Philippines

European Dishes at Portofino Restaurant

One of the restaurants in La Laguna beach is Portofino. This restaurant can be found inside the Portofino Hotel but you dont have to be a guest of the hotel so you can eat in the restaurant. They serve Italian, French, English and Mediterranean dishes. The atmosphere of the Portofino restaurant is very homey. The interior design of Portofino is inspired by the houses and buildings you can find in European countries like Spain and Greece. The price of the dishes ranges from three hundred pesos up to five hundred pesos.

Tropical Dining at Club Mabuhays Restaurant

This is another restaurant you can find in Sabang beach. Club Mabuhay is a resort offering different accommodations to visitors in Sabang beach and the restaurant is one of their amenities. Their restaurant serves Asian and international dishes like curry, sushi and other Filipino dishes. The interiors of the restaurant were designed with a tropical theme. They open in the morning serving breakfast meals as well. Their customers are usually couples who want to enjoy a romantic dinner while enjoying the view of the beach. Customers can also choose to dine under the palm trees near the shore. The price of the dishes cost less than ten dollars.

Dining the Gourmet Style in Mcrom's

This restaurant is located in Sabang beach. They are popular for sizzling dishes prepared in nice presentations. They serve international dishes ranging from seafood, vegetables, pasta dishes and meat. They usually add vegetables, rice or potatoes on the main course as the side dish. One of their specialties is fish and chips. The buttered fish is also another best seller in Mcroms restaurant. The price of the dishes varies from two hundred pesos up to five hundred pesos. You can place your reservations by calling them at 63-43- 287-3175.

Spicing up at Relax Thai Restaurant

This restaurant serves popular spicy dishes from Thailand. This restaurant can be found in Sabangs main road, considered as the downtown area. The dishes they offer follow the authentic ingredients used by people in Thailand. The design of Relax Thai restaurant lacks the homey appeal however Relax Thai is still one of the more famous restaurants in Sabang.

Discovering Seafood at Captn Greggs

This restaurant can be found in Sabang beach as well. The design of the restaurant gives the nautical appeal. The whole restaurant is designed with rafts and things you can find in a ship. This restaurant can be found inside a building and it gives the customers a good view of the ocean. They offer western dishes. Their best sellers include the dishes with prawns like buttered prawns. This restaurant is perfect for people who love vegetables because they serve the seafood dishes with a large portion of fresh vegetables.

Captain and Greggs is also popular because of their breakfast meals. They offer Filipino, English, Australian and American breakfast meals. You can avail of their lunch special which costs three hundred fifty pesos which has two dishes and a drink. You can call Capt n Greggs for inquiries or reservations at 63-43-724-8535.