Restaurants in Ormoc - Philippines

Ormoc City is one of the many independent cities in the Philippines. It is not under the governance of the Leyte local government. It is one of the congressional districts of Leyte. It is a city that enjoys tropical climate just like many of the islands in the Philippines. There are many good things to see in Ormoc and there are many places where you can eat and enjoy local or international food.

Big Roys Restaurant

This restaurant is located along Real Street. They offer the best dishes made with beef in Ormoc. This restaurant is owned by Mr. Roy Pangilinan. It is a restaurant with a charming design and warm ambiance. They are also famous for their beef Kebab specialty. The beef kebabs are skewered with some cubed tenderloins along with some onions, bell peppers and mushrooms and then grilled to the desired tenderness. The quality of the food in this restaurant is excellent and the prices are also affordable.

Boylins Eatery

This is an eatery or a small restaurant located in the small town of Canadieng. Boylin is popular for their caldereta which is beef stew with tomato sauce. Another popular dish is the Uric-ric which is a dish made with the goats head. Many locals go here for a treat of local dishes in Ormoc. This eatery also has other Filipino dishes like mongo, lumpia and fish dishes. This eatery draws many people because the prices of the food are all affordable.

Tempura House

This is a Japanese restaurant in Ormoc. You can find this inside Badminton City Arcade in the town called Linao. They offer sashimis and sushis made of Salmon and Unis or sea urchins. They also carry bento boxes which is a complete meal already. They are one of the Japanese restaurants in the Philippines offering authentic Japanese dishes.

Pardis Grill

This is a restaurant offering grilled foods. It is located in the city and many locals go there to enjoy food with their families or friends. It is popular for the dish called Sisig. Sisig is a grilled dish made from the cheek of the pork. This is one of the top places where many young working adults hang out together. This is also one of the popular places in Ormoc so when you are in the city you can easily ask anyone where it is.

Lenis Garden and Restaurant

This restaurant is popular for their salad bar. They are popular for their Farmers salad which has their own recipe. This salad has tuyo or flakes of dried fish and some chopped beef. They also offer coolers for the dessert which many patrons love because of the tropical climate. They also offer the fruit ala mode which is composed of different fruits in smaller portions each which include bananas, papayas, mangoes, strawberries, pineapples with crushed ice underneath and it has an ice cream on top. The ambiance in this restaurant is conducive for a large family gathering. Many locals also like having a class reunion in this restaurant.