Restaurants in Leyte - Philippines

Giuseppes Ristorante Italiano-Filipino

As the name implies, people can easily know that Giuseppes Ristorante Italiano-Filipino combines the elements of deliciously exotic Filipino cuisine with the refine flavor of Italian cuisine. In addition, it also serves different kinds of tasty American dishes, which help the place cater to a larger range of customers. Situated along Avenida Veteranos within the City of Tacloban, this restaurant is one of Leytes pride in providing world-class delicacies and other great-tasting specialties. Some of its notable specialties are called Arrosto Misto and Pizza Napoletania. The ambiance of the place is really nice, with basic food prices ranging from 125 pesos to 250 pesos. Furthermore, this dining facility also serves seafood, salad, and pasta. Interested individuals can ask further questions about the place by dialing the telephone number (053)-321-4910.

Rafaels Farm and Garden Restaurant

For people who want to experience dining at a natural setting in Leyte, they can always go to Rafaels Farm and Garden Restaurant, which is in the Top 5 Restaurants in Leyte Philippines. Situated within Barangay Pagsulhugon in the municipality of Babatngon, the place combines great-tasting food with the beauty of nature. Some of the food that it serves only cost 80 pesos to 150 pesos, while the prices for complete meals are set at 250 pesos. This unique dining facility is surrounded by ponds, waterfalls, and lagoons, which make it very interesting for everyone. Its telephone number is (053)-325-0729, which is open for booking, inquiries, and reservations.

Chitos Chow Bar and Restaurant

Located close within Ormoc Superdome in Ormoc City, Chitos Chow Bar and Restaurant serves great-tasting food and drinks, especially cooked and prepared to satisfy people who are residing as well as those who are just visiting the province of Leyte. Food inside this place is quite inexpensive, as customers can order sumptuous meals for only 45 pesos to 150 pesos. Overall, the place serves authentic American and Filipino cuisines.

Calle Zaragosa

Known for its relaxed and cozy atmosphere especially come nighttime, Calle Zaragoza is a favorite hangout for everyone, including couples and families who are in search for satisfying dining experiences. Found along Independencia Street in Tacloban City, this restaurant allows its guests to dine inside, or even try dining alfresco-style. For as much as 75 pesos, customers can order meals including scallops, chicken, and spareribs, grilled into perfection by its friendly and courteous staff.

Ocho Seafood and Grill

Located along Senator Enage Street in Tacloban City, Ocho Seafood and Grill completes the list of the top 5 restaurants in Leyte. This food facility specializes in various kinds of grilled delicacies, including all sorts of popular seafood including shrimp, fish, and crabs. The place also serves squid, lobster, and many other tasty treats. From 100 pesos to 200 pesos, customers are in for scrumptious and fully satisfying meals. For those who want to book in advance, the telephone number of the restaurant is (053)-325-4171.