Restaurants in Legazpi - Philippines

Here's a look at the top 5 restaurants in Legazpi - Philippines. The Bicolano cuisine is well known in the Philippines as remarkably spicy. However, as you look into our restaurant list, you shouldn't think that every one of these establishments will have you running for water every single minute.

Bigg's Diner

Bigg's Diner is a home grown chain of restaurants in the Bicol Region and is on the top 5 restaurants in Legazpi - Philippines. As soon as you enter this restaurant in Legazpi you get transported back in time to the good old rock and roll days. The place is fashioned diner style in matching nostalgic colors.

Another interesting thing about the décor is the prevalent memorabilia on the wall including old movie posters and posters of rock bands or singers from the 60's and 70's. You shouldn't expect the food and the service here to be as old as the posters are. In fact, the service and the food are quite nice.

The menu in Bigg's Diner gives you a wide selection from various cuisines, which definitely includes the best of Bicolano delicacies. They serve a fusion of local dishes with burgers, pizza, breakfast meals, snacks, desserts, and salads in generous servings. Dining here will be a great experience and will give you good value for your money.

Waway's Restaurant

On the top 5 restaurants in Legazpi - Philippines is Waway's Restaurant. Now, this is the place to go if you really want to try the best of Bicol's cuisine. If you're looking for a place to really try the distinct spicy Bicolano dishes then try the ones they serve here.

You'll immediately notice that most of the meals they serve here have coconut milk/cream and chili peppers as the main theme. Well, that is indeed typical of Bicolano cooking wherever you go in this region of the Philippines. Don't be afraid to ask for soda or water since you'll be needing lots of that as well.

One of the big favorites in Waway's Restaurant is known as Bicol Express, which is basically hot chili with a few added ingredients. However, you shouldn't miss out on their crabs and shrimp. Another favorite dish they serve here is Kare Kare, which is a beef and vegetable stew in peanut sauce, a refreshing break from all the spice.

Sikatuna Grille

If ever you're stuck in Washington Drive in Legazpi City at night and are getting hungry then walk over to Sikatuna Grille

Meals served here are really healthy and "heart-friendly", since they're mainly tuna and lots of tuna. The only turn off for Sikatuna is the price, which is a bit higher than the average restaurant in Legazpi City. However, you can be sure to get you're money's worth in spite of the cost.

Tago-Tago Food Garden

On the top 5 restaurants in Legazpi - Philippines is Tago-Tago Food Garden. This restaurant isn't open in the morning but usually starts its business day at two in the afternoon. The name simply means to hide, but this restaurant isn't really that hard to find since the locals know where it is. All you have to do is ask the first tricycle driver you find and they'll point you in the right direction.

You can go here for romantic open air dinners in a garden dining area. They also serve Filipino dishes including the specialties of Bicol. Dinners here aren't that expensive making it easy on your budget.

Cres Restaurant

On final leg of our top 5 restaurants in Legazpi - Philippines is Cres Restaurant. Food here is inexpensive and is served buffet style. The ambience here is more of a canteen rather than that of a fine dining restaurant. They give you a wide selection in their menu, which even has one dollar meals. Lechon kawali, which is roasted/fried pork, and pinangat, which is a stew out of taro leaves and seafood in coconut cream, are a couple of favorites among the locals here.

These are our top 5 restaurants in Legazpi - Philippines. The list is inclusive of home grown greats, budget friendly restaurants, and wonderful fusion of Bicol's best dishes with the some of the world's cuisine.