Restaurants in Dumaguete - Philippines

Dumaguete is one of the culinary centers in the Negros Region and you will find great restaurants in this city. There are a lot of hits, but equally many misses that you can go to and it is important to know which Dumaguete restaurant is a hit or a miss. Find out the good, better and the best of the top 5 restaurants in Dumaguete Philippines here.

Oh, Why Not?!

Why Not Music Box is located at the Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City and has made it to the top 5 restaurants in Dumaguete - Philippines. You can find a lot of fresh and healthy foods here that are kept in the European and Filipino style. Choose from many filling meals such as Wiener Schnitzel or Chop Suey. Why Not Music Box also serves delicious desserts made of crème flambé and sweet treats, be careful though because these desserts are extremely fattening. The ambience and decoration is held very European-like and the service could be better, but at least the food is great.

Sans Rival

Sans Rival is a Spanish style restaurant and bakeshop and made it into the top 5 restaurants in Dumaguete - Philippines. It is located at the corner fronting the Rizal Boulevard and you can see the huge sign from afar already. The blues and whites of the decorations remind you of a nice relaxing café, but it also serves as restaurant by noon. You can get a variety of different foods, such as pasta, Filipino specialties, salads and meat dishes all held in a Spanish cooking style. The list of desserts is long since this place started out as a bakery and you can choose from brownie treats to cookies, to rich cakes.

St. Theresa

St. Theresa is not a saint or a nun, it is rather a restaurant where you can enjoy affordable yet delicious Filipino cuisine and that is why it landed on the top 5 restaurants in Dumaguete - Philippines. You can pick different meal from their ready to serve buffet and the prices are extremely affordable starting from $1 per meal. Their ambience is very soothing with lots of good lighting, tribal and Mediterranean decoration and a couple of water fountains. The service is great and friendly and you can avail of dishes such as the popular Filipino dish Adobo, which is cooked meat or pork marinated in soy sauce and other special herbs.

Gabys Bistro

Gabys Bistro is on the top 5 restaurants in Dumaguete Philippines and it is located at the Bantayan highway. This little newbie lets you travel into an entirely different place with the food and the ambience. You feel as though you are in Europe or in the US once you step into this restaurant. The food is held in an international style and you can get everything from Japanese dishes to American, European and Filipino dishes. Gabys Bistro has the cities best garlic bread and the best chicken that you can get and take a bit into the delicious apple crumble pie dessert.


Heres Looking at You, Kid

Does this sentence sound familiar to you? It should be, because the Casablanca restaurant is on the top 5 restaurants in Dumaguete Philippines. The Casablanca restaurant and sushi bar is fairly new and it caters to the European clientele. You will find plenty of European inspired foods and a few Filipino dishes. The newly added sushi bar is run by a Japanese chef who prepares the sushi live in front of the guests. This place has the most affordable and biggest sushi in the entire region and you will feel full and satisfied after having tried just one.