Restaurants in Boracay - Philippines

Fridays Restaurant

Fridays Restaurant owns a spot in the Top 5 Restaurants in Boracay Philippines, mainly because of its superior food quality, beautiful facilities, and efficient services. Starting from 500 pesos, customers can already enjoy an assortment of great-tasting and satisfying meals. For those who want to try something special, they can order New Zealand Lamb Cutlets, Lapu-Lapu Fillet, and Nasi Goreng. Also part of its extensive menu are other fine treats like Pate de foie gras, Magret de Canard, and Lobster Bisque. Regularly, this restaurant celebrates themed events with matching food including Italian nights, Mediterranean nights, and Korean nights. This restaurant is situated within Boat Station 1 in Boracay.

Sundown Restaurant

Thanks to its special food offerings, which are comprised mostly of Austrian and German delicacies, Sundown Restaurant easily joins the top food service providers in Boracay. By spending somewhere around 450 pesos, people can already taste some of its tasty specialties including salads, pizzas, and sandwiches. Of course, this food establishment also serves salads, soups, and spaghettis. From Boat Station 3, people can conveniently go to the restaurant and enjoy highly satisfying and super delicious food. Additionally, this particular restaurant is famous for its palatable desserts, which include cakes, crepes, and apple strudels.

Aria Boracay Restaurant

For people who want to experience classy dining experiences, they can go to Aria Boracay Restaurant, which is found at DMall. Primarily, it serves authentic Italian specialties, with particular emphasis on pastas and pizzas. In terms of specialties, the place takes pride on its Baked Chicken, Tagliatelle, and Grilled Lamb. Considering the quality of food and service that it provides, spending something around 450 pesos to 500 pesos inside this place is not that bad after all. For customers who do not want to dine indoors, they can do so right outside the place where comfortable and clean tables and chairs are positioned nicely in the surrounding areas of the building.

Floremar Restaurant

Floremar Restaurant is another impressive food service provider in Boracay, especially wit the super affordable treats that it serves to tourists and guests enjoying the beauty of the area. All throughout the island, this food facility is famous for its tasty Italian treats, particularly in-house specialties such as Four Cheese Risotto, Napolitana Pizza, and Tortelli Carbonara. Additionally, its customers can also order other fine treats including soups, pastas, and salads. When dining at Floremar Restaurant, people must expect to pay somewhere around 500 pesos to enjoy totally satisfying meals. The place is conveniently located along the White Beach area.

Café del Mar

For people staying along Boat Station 2 of Boracay, they can enjoy heart-warming meals and drinks at Café del Mar, a cozy restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean delicacies. One of its most famous delicacies is Shawarma, which is basically made up of flavorful ingredients like onion, beef, and cheese. Also right inside this nice dining facility, customers can also enjoy some sweet-sounding music while gorging over some super delicious treats. When dining here, expect to pay a little less than 500 pesos to enjoy some of the specialties of the house.