Reasons to Visit Subic - Philippines

If you want to visit an area that is a little bit of an underdog in Philippine tourism, then you are on the right spot, because we are going to introduce to you another prospective travel destination in Southeast Asia and this destination is called Subic. Let us try to convince you with the top 5 reasons to visit Subic Philippines.

Wreck Diving

The most important reason why anybody would go to Subic is the fact that it is the best wreck diving site in the entire country. Ships such as the USS New York and Japanese liners such as the Seian Maru can be found within the Bay which is why it is the important reason in the top 5 reasons to visit Subic Philippines. The wrecks mostly came about during the first and second World War where American and Japanese troops were fighting for the Philippine territory. Most of the wrecks are intact with several parts destroyed and the marine wildlife is absolutely breathtaking. Do not forget to bring your diving flashlights and make sure that you are a diver with at least an advanced open water certification.


Take the Subic Seaplane to the different places you want to visit or simply to a tour around. This little plane can be booked for days at a time and you will experience the natural wonders if this area which is why this is in the top 5 reasons to visit Subic Philippines. You can book a flight that goes over the famous Mount Pinatubo volcano.

Mount Pinatubo

The Mount Pinatubo is one of the active volcanoes in the entire country and it was also the most recent that erupted. Everybody still remembers the fatal mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991, were many citizens and locals have lost their lives and homes. The Mount Pinatubo has a trekking trail where you can take a day trip all the way to the crater of this stratovolcano and back down. This volcano will definitely take your breath away with its 1485 meters of height.

Balon Falls

Another reason in the top 5 reasons to visit Subic Philippines is the waterfall called Balon Falls. These waterfalls give you a daytrip of relaxation, fun and water activities in the clear water of the Balon Falls. Enjoy the nature and the beauty of the falls and do not forget to bring your camera for the perfect holiday moments. You will also find interesting flora and fauna at the Balon Falls.


The province of Zambales which is the home of Subic grows the sweetest mangoes in the entire country. These mangoes are often used for export and mango products such as dried mangoes or mango jam. There is even a festival that is dedicated to the mango and this delicious fruit deserves to be in the top 5 reasons to visit Subic Philippines list. The festival of the mango is held every year in the month of April.