Reasons to Visit Sorsogon - Philippines

With the booming industry of Sorsogon, going to the place is surely one of the most sought after trip. Do not miss the great adventure that awaits you! Although the province lacks the monuments and old shrines that other tourist spots have, Sorsogon still has what it takes to be one of the prestigious tourist destination in the Philippines.

Unveil the secrets and unpretentious charm of the place by considering the top 5 reasons to visit Sorsogon - Philippines.

Visit the Land of the Whale Sharks

The province of Sorsogon is famous as a destination place because of its title as the Land of the Whale Sharks. Indeed, the tourism of Sorsogon province is highly attributed to Donsol being the whale shark capital. Whale shark diving became the most favorite activity by the local folks and tourists. The live interaction with these whale sharks mostly drive tourist to visit Sorsogon.

The peak season where tourist and local visitors mostly flock to Donsol is from October to December. During these months, whale sharks or locally known as Butanding are usually seen to wander in the waters of Donsol. These gentle whale sharks are feed on krill and plankton.

Experience fine and exquisite beaches

Another reason to enjoy your visit in Sorosogon is to stay and experience a one of a kind escapade along with the exquisite beaches of the place. Choose from white sand beaches to tropical waters that will truly provide tourists utmost satisfaction. The province offers several eco-tourism packages to all its spectators. Tourists could visit the following beaches and resort: Pagugiran Island, Libanon Beach Resort, Rizal Beach Resort, and the outstanding Bulusan Mountain Lake Resort.

Island Hopping

Dont miss island hopping during your Sorsogon sightseeing. Every town in Sorsogon basically covers unique island activities. Enjoy the island spree of different coastal havens and involve yourself in different aquatic sports like swimming, snorkeling, surfing, jot skiing, beachcombing, sport fishing, scuba diving, and even the pleasurable sunbathing.

Outstanding Lodging and Accommodations

The province of Sorsogon is indeed worth a travelers trip yet it would be more fulfilling if youll spend each day and night in comfortable and convenient lodging houses, resorts, and hotels. Experience a deluxe treat with highly reasonable rates that is truly impressive.

Notable resorts, hotels and accommodations in the province of Sorsogon are as follows: Dalisay Lodge, Fernandos Hotel, La Vista Resort, Padaraw Beach Resort, Tolong Gapo Beach Resort, and a lot more. Reaching these places is very accessible to the public.

Dining Favorites

The province of Sorsogon is worth visiting because it offers one of the biggest and freshest seafoods in the Philippines. Get to savor local cuisines that are exceptionally prepared by several restaurants. Taste Sorogons best dishes by spending extra time at Casa Domingam Acacia Grill, Kalundan Restaurant, and Dahon Saging Restaurant.