Reasons to Visit Samar - Philippines

The province of Samar is undeniably gifted with natures beauty. It has bountiful jewels that enchant lots of local folks, visitors and tourist. If you miss the chance to travel to Samar, gather the whole family or gang of friends together and explore the beauty of the place.

Travel is truly exciting and full of fun. Both of which are achievable only if you get to travel at the right place. If you choose Samar to be your destination place, consider the top 5 reasons to visit Samar, Philippines.

Get to experience the San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge is the top most pride of Samar province. The bridge is worldly renowned as the Longest Bridge in Southeast Asia. The entire structure connects the sister provinces of Samar and Leyte. Historically, San Juanico Bridge was founded as an emblem of love of the Waraynons. Another bridge in Samar thats worth the ride includes the Sohoton Natural Bridge. Dont be contented with the awe of other people. Experience a breathtaking ride along these bridges and share your testimony regarding the excellent infrastructure.

Home of Unexplored Mountains and Caves

It is really rewarding to visit a place far from human exploration. It feels like youre the discoverer in your own time. Many mountains and caves locally and worldwide have been visited by a lot of people and as of now the real picture was far different from it was originally discovered. In the province of Samar, refresh yourself with lots of unexplored mountains and mysterious caves.These places are mostly inhabited by endangered animals and thats why Samar locals are putting all their efforts to preserve the wildlife.

Glimpse of the Ruins of 15th Century Church

In every trip you do, it is better if you visit landmarks and historical places located in your chosen area. In Samar, one of the memories left during the 15th century is the Tinago Church. Tinago means hideout and the church is believed to be the hiding place of Spanish missionaries. Visiting Tinago Church is truly memorable, you will be surprised to see that the church itself is far different from the image of ordinary churches nowadays.

Scenic Views of different Falls

Samar is a place where scenic spots are abundant, Bangon Falls is one that is worth mentioning. The views of these falls are really outstanding and the attraction is very good to be captured in a picture. Tourists could either swim or raft along with these falls. All exciting and enjoyable activities are offered by these different falls.

Obelisk Exploration

The province of Samar is also a home of historical events. The Obelisk has four sides which depicts the coming of foremost Jesuit Missionaries, Agustin Sumoroys Rebellion, and the declaration of the province being independent.