Reasons to Visit Puerto Princesa - Philippines

Puerto Princesa is one of Palawans most popular tourist destinations. This is no surprise because Puerto Princesa, the provincial capital, offers a wealth of vacation activities that suit children, teenagers, adults and elders. This city welcomes new and seasoned travelers with sunny days, cool nights, romantic rainy moments and a laidback atmosphere. Since there are many sites to visit, things to do and places to go to, tourists on shoestring and unlimited budgets will always have something listed in their itineraries.

Start planning your escapade now! Read on about the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Princesa Philippines.

Ecological Wonders

From UNESCO-recognized World Heritage site Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park to a host of dazzling islands and intriguing limestone cliffs, Puerto Princesas wealth of natural wonders leads this list of the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Princesa Philippines. Nature lovers, island hoppers, water sports enthusiasts, and wildlife fans will definitely have a good time in this famous travel destination. Since eco-tourism is observed in this city, the ecological wonders have been preserved and are well taken care of. Go on an all-out nature trip with your significant other, travel buddy, friends or people who like exploring nature just as much as you do. The natural environment in Puerto Princesa is so beautiful; one visit might not be enough to quench your thirst for adventure!

Numerous Dive Spots

Among the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Princesa Philippines is the excellent dive spots sprinkled throughout the city. The Honda Bay Islands are favorites of novice and experienced divers, and they have reasons to like these beautiful islands. Apart from white-sand beaches and abundant marine life, the submerged reefs, drop-offs and coral boulders make the Honda Bay area a diving paradise. The islands of Pandan and Arreceffi and the Panglima Reef are some of the frequently visited dive sites.

Cultural Heritage

Puerto Princesas rich cultural heritage is among the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Princesa Philippines. Art and culture aficionados will definitely appreciate a day tour of the city proper. The Palawan Museum, Vietnamese Village, Plaza Cuartel, Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, Immaculate Conception Cathedral and Galeri Kamarikutan reflect Puerto Princesas indigenous roots, traditions, and local and foreign influences.

Parks and Amusements

The parks and amusements in Puerto Princesa are ideal for spending time with children and relaxing after an action-packed island-hopping tour. Visit Bakers Hill in Santa Monica Heights and buy delicious baked food treats. It has a Wonderland-themed childrens park, picnic spots and a breezy environment conducive for just lounging around. For naturally ventilated restaurants, food stalls, gardens and playgrounds, go to Capitol Park Square along Rizal Avenue. For a park with historic feel, go to Mendoza Park, which is also along Rizal. The Coliseum Park in San Pedro showcases musical fountains and gardens. Parks and amusements are included in the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Princesa Philippines.

Delicious Food

Gastronomic delights wrap up the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Princesa Philippines. From dining indoors to eating out, you will truly savor the local cuisine. Enjoy seafood dishes that will leave you craving for more!