Reasons to Visit Puerto Galera - Philippines

Puerto Galera is internationally known for its nature and wildlife especially the marine wildlife and flora and fauna. There are however a dozen other things that you can do in this harbor city that you would never expect to be doing or even seeing. Puerto Galera is truly a little haven for the little special things in Asia. Experience the best things in Puerto Galera with the list of top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Galera Philippines.

White Sand Public, Private and Untouched Beaches

Puerto Galera has pristine white sand beaches that every beach lover just dreams of. There are even untouched and private beaches that can be found around Puerto Galera, which makes this reason enough to place the beaches as one of the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Galera Philippines. Hang around in your hammock at the La Laguna Beach or at the Coco Beach of Puerto Galera and plan your next day activity in your head.

Waterfalls and Hidden Treasures

Puerto Galera has a signature waterfall that is called Tamaraw Falls and they are located a half an hour ride away from Puerto Galera. The waterfalls are not the only hidden treasure of Puerto Galera, you can also find the Hidden Paradise which is a lagoon like place where waterfalls and rivers came together and carved a beautiful place out of the rocks. These two places deserve a spot on the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Galera Philippines.

Aborigines of the Philippines

The surrounding places of Puerto Galera are home to the aborigines of the Philippines called Mangyans. The Mangyans are nomads of Mindoro but they have settled in the mountains of Mindoro for years already. They are living in the most primitive ways and they have survived through all the modernizations in the regions and that is why they deserve a spot in the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Galera Philippines.

Reptile Haven

Another reasons to visit Puerto Galera Philippines belongs to the reptiles of Puerto Galera because it is here where you can find the largest reptile collection zoo in Asia called the Paradise Reptile Zoo. You will find over 1,000 reptiles out of which most of them are critically endangered. Take a picture of Black Mambas, lizards, and the Philippine Spitting Cobra. You might be fortunate enough to witness the zoos rescue activities and their orphanage work for the wildlife.

Dive Adventures and Marine Diversity

From calm shallow dives to rapid drift dives, any and every dive can be found in Puerto Galera. Puerto Galera also has the richest marine bio-diversity in the entire Philippines and thus it should be on the top 5 reasons to visit Puerto Galera Philippines. Try hunting down invertebrates like nudibranchs or sponges, or enjoy a drift dive of an interesting kind in the Washing Machine dive site. Explore the depths of the ocean with tech diving as well where you will find sharks sleeping in their caves and manta rays flying around in the open water.