Reasons to Visit Legazpi - Philippines

Legazpi is the capital of Albay. It is the biggest city of Bicol when it comes to population. This area is located between the Masbate and Catanduanes islands. Near Legazpi is Mayon Volcano known for being the volcano that is most active in the country. It is also famous for having the perfect cone shape. From Legazpi you can visit other tourist destinations like Cagsawa and Donsol where you can see huge sharks and enjoy the beaches in Catanduanes and Sorsogon. Legazpi has its own airport with the volcano providing a very scenic view.

There are several reasons why you should visit Legazpi some of them are following:

Visiting the Animals Indigenous to Albay

Tourists can visit the Albay Park and Wildlife. This is a zoo and a picnic area. Visitors can see three hundred forty seven animals. This can be a good place for bonding with friends and families giving an educational and relaxing experience for everyone.

Visit Legazpi because of the Historical Value of the Place.

There are many historical places in Legazpi. A stand out among the historical places is the Liberty Bell which can be found in the park called Penaranda. This was put up by the American military forces after the World War II. Visit the famous tunnels built by the Japanese forces during the war. The tunnels are said to be seven feet in depth and about forty meters wide.

Appreciate the Artistic Side of the Filipinos.

Tourists can visit the famous art galleries in Legazpi. One of them is the Magayon gallery where different artists in Legazpi can showcase their art works. This is located in the lobby of the capitol of the province. Another popularly visited museum is the Legazpi City Museum which displays the rich culture of the people in Legazpi. It also displays different artifacts.

Enjoy an Encounter with Nature in Legazpi

a. Tourists can go trekking on a hill called Lignon. This place is situated at the back of the Albay Park. This is one of the perfect sites to see the Mayon Volcano. This hill is one hundred forty three meters in height. It has a cinder cone shape. The peak of the hill is adjacent to the top of the airport. A road has been cleared up for the people to pass by and when they reach the top they can go to the observation area. In this hill the Philvocs or the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology maintains a station where they can observe the activities of the volcano.

b. Kapuntukan is another hill you can go on a trekking adventure with your family or friends. This is also called as the hill of the sleeping lion. This is the best place to view the port district and the gulf of Albay.

Shop and Socialize in Embarcadero

Embarcadero is a waterfront establishment that is made for attracting more foreign and local tourists. This place will have many shops, markets and restaurants and a lighthouse that will serve as the landmark of the place. In the future there will be a hotel and a spa establishment in the place. This place will be the main center for leisure activities of the visitors and the residents along the harbor.