Reasons to Visit Iloilo - Philippines

Iloilo is a progressive cultural and commercial center in Western Visayas. A vacation in this province is unlike any other, and after one visit you will look forward to coming back. The friendly and accommodating locals complement Iloilos well-preserved natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. Schedule a trip to this vibrant province and savor the good food and relaxing atmosphere. Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Iloilo Philippines:

Delicious Food

Iloilos delicious food earns a spot in the top 5 reasons to visit Iloilo Philippines. The province is famous for La Paz batchoy (tasty soup with cracklings, pork innards, vegetables, beef loin or chicken breast, and noodles) and pancit Molo (pork-chicken meatballs in thin dough cooked in broth), two local dishes that delight both local and international tourists. While many restaurants all over the Philippines offer these gastronomic delights, the best La Paz batchoy and pancit Molo are served right in their district origins in Iloilo. Seafood, roasted pig and chicken dishes are also widely available. If you want to take a break from the local cuisine, you can always go to one of the fast-food chains and specialty restaurants in the city. For take-home treats, Iloilos delicate-tasting pastries and confections are must-buys. Children and adults will enjoy the delectable barquillos and biscocho.

Exciting Nature Adventures

Iloilo has well-preserved natural wonders. There are little paradises for all kinds of tourists, and you will definitely find one for yourself. A range of exciting nature getaways is among the top 5 reasons to visit Iloilo Philippines.

Trekkers, water sports fans, animal and nature lovers will surely indulge in eco-friendly trips to Iloilos caves, rivers and falls, conservation parks and bird sanctuaries. Go white-water kayaking in the river system of the Bucari mountain, which is surrounded by rolling hills and forests. Go spelunking in the caves in Bulabog-Putian National Park, which was declared a national park in 1974. Visit Rancho Gloria in Concepcion, a coconut plantation with a lake full of wild ducks and birds that was declared an avian sanctuary in 1999. Come face to face with the Visayan spotted deer, bleeding-heart pigeons and warty pigs in the Mariit Conservation Park of the West Visayas State University.

Historic Churches

Iloilos wealth of churches is among the top 5 reasons to visit Iloilo Philippines. These historic structures vary in age and architectural design. The most popular church in the province is Miagao Church. Established in 1786 and declared a national landmark in 1973, Miagao is also in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Santa Barbara Church and Convent and the Jaro Cathedral are also famous landmarks.


The fourth among the top 5 reasons to visit Iloilo Philippines is the provinces festivals, the most popular of which are the Dinagyang Festival, Iloilo-Guimaras Paraw Regatta, and the Iloilo Chinese New Year Festival. Your sojourn in Iloilo will not be complete without witnessing one of the lively and colorful celebrations.

Friendly People

Ilonggos are generous, trusting and accommodating people. The warm personalities will make you want to stay longer in the province and just mingle with the locals. Iloilos friendly people complete the top 5 reasons to visit Iloilo Philippines.